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30000 Feet High Aquarium

Emirates Airlines Showcases Uscenes Aquariums at 30,000 Feet High

We are delighted to announce that Relax TV, the inflight TV channel for Uscenes videos, is now in it’s 3rd year on Emirates; arguably the world’s number 1 airline. At 30,000+ feet you can watch the best selling Uscenes aquarium video Living Coral Aquarium. This video is by far our top selling Full HD aquarium. Enjoying it 9 KM high in the sky a a superb way to enjoy a long haul flight.

Our lucky flier who took the photo below was traveling in Emirates Business Class on an A380 double deck super plane. This is the world’s largest passenger airliner. The stewardess told us that the bar area, where many business class passengers spend their time during the flight, is where they have a large 50+ inch TV screen. By default the TV is set to play our top selling aquarium Living Coral Aquarium. Apparently the passengers love it, offering a pleasant, relaxing experience during their flight.

Relax TV on Emirates inflight entertainment system ice

The Relax TV channel was created 3 years ago to air some of the Uscenes relaxation videos on Emirates. September 2016 marks the 3rd year of the ever popular inflight channel on the award winning ice entertainment system. Besides the popular aquarium, there is also a close up video of Clownfish swimming in and around their home- anemone, as made famous in the popular animated movie Finding Nemo.

There are 10 videos in all. With a fireplace, beaches, waterfalls and more nature to help you relax. There are natural sounds on the videos which make them ideal sleep aids on long haul flights. They can also help people who have a fear of flying. The calming footage is great for getting rid of stress and making one feel comfortable on a plane.

If you are lucky enough to fly first class then sip a glass of chilled champagne with one of the videos is just the ticket to make you feel at ease. If you are on the way to a holiday somewhere exotic you may find the tropical video of beaches and waterfalls are the perfect way to prepare you for a fun filled holiday. Alternatively you can have your very own virtual aquarium five and a half miles in the air. If you want a cozy feeling the fireplace is the perfect solution to set a calming ambiance during your flight on Emirates.

The videos on Emirates are are filmed and encoded in 1080p Full HD. We now also offer 4K Ultra HD versions for all releases since the start of 2015.


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