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Tropical Fish Tank

Tropical Fish Tank


A beautifully bright and colourful tropical fish tank video with neon tetras and other freshwater species. The soothing sounds of water and bubbles create a relaxing ambient screensaver to enhance your living or work space. Watch the fish tank video sample clip below…

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PLEASE TURN VIDEO TO 1080P (bottom “cog/wheel” icon) ON YOUTUBE TO PREVIEW IN FULL QUALITY  WHEN FULL SCREEN (This may take time to buffer on slow connections)

If you want to bring the tropics into your home, Tropical Fish Tank is ideal. The download includes a full 20 minute version which you can watch on any TV or computer through a media player, or media streamer. You will also receive a Windows and Mac screensaver version.

The full 20 minute version contains no loop points so you can enjoy a continuous relaxing video as the fish swim around your television. The footage is shot in full HD so you don’t need to worry about it not looking sharp on big TV screens. 20 minutes is the perfect time to help you get some relaxation, or send you to sleep, or press repeat and have a fish tank video playing all day.

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    I love this one, am using as background on my Tv all day whilst working. Clients seem impressed too.

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    Answered by the admin I am afraid we have never sold DVDs, only digital downloads. We are hoping to create 4K Ultra HD BluRay discs one day, but the technology has been slow and Amazon aren't making it easy. Most people would download a video to their computer. Then add it to a USB memory stick. plug that into your TV and then play in the TV's media player. This is for modern SMART TVs. Older HD TVs often require the lower resolution video and a media player or media streaming device. It can be confusing at first so we made a page with test footage you can experiment with. Please visit https://www.uscenes.com/try-uscenes-downloads/ if you would like to try our free sample clips.

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More about this download

Background story to this fish tank video

I am always on the look out for a great fish tank video. Whilst on a trip to Manchester I took a visit to a small aquarium shop. As I walked in I saw a dark little room in the back of the shop and was hoping to find something nice for Uscenes. On the right hand corner there was a tropical tank that stood out to me. It was colourful and was a good size and shape to frame up for a 1920x1080 video. I only had around half an hour to spare at the time, so had to choose the best display to grab the opportunity.

The shop specialised in fresh water fish and I was draw to this display. It seemed to have a sense of fun about it and the colours were bright and vibrant. I nipped back to my car where I had my camera in the boot. Luckily I had my tripod in there or I would never have captured this footage. After politely asking the owner if I could film in there, I managed to win him over with a free downloadable screensaver for him and any of his staff who fancied it. Its funny, but with a bit of humour and a little incentive I won him over and the kind gentleman even had his staff make me a cup of tea as I filmed this 20 minute video.

I had my Nikon D7000 with me at the time and I love the colour that this camera captures. I mounted up the 35mm and managed to get far enough from the tank to frame it perfectly. There was one little problem, some of the displays in the back were reflecting off the glass and that would never do. With a bit of persuasion and a root through the back room, they were kind enough to find me a large black sheet that I used to block any reflections on the glass. I hung up the sheet and checked my display. It was great! The  tank really shone and everything looked crisp and clear.

20 minutes later I had finished my tea, packed up and was shaking the owners hand. All in all a great job and nice to know that people can enjoy Phil's aquarium for many years to come.


Video and Screensaver Information:

  • Full HD MP4 videos are approx. 20 minute 1080p footage suitable for all TV screens. Approx. 500 MB to 1.3 GB download. We use the H.264 codec which allows us to compress the files to a manageable download size, whilst maintaining excellent quality.
  • 4K Ultra HD MP4 videos are around 1.2-1.6 GB for UHD televisions. We have encoded these videos in the superior H.265 (HEVC) codec, which means faster download speeds. 
  • The computer screensavers are self looping 3 minute versions in Full HD for Windows and Mac PCs and laptops (approx. 100 MB to 230 MB).  The 4K Ultra HD screensavers are also 3 minutes and loop automatically (approx. 200 MB to 350 MB) . 

Some of the MP4 videos are looped to make up the 20 minutes.

For more technical information see our FAQ page, or Blog for help with media players.

Please note: our products are all virtual, downloadable files. We do not sell DVDs or Blu-rays.

If you are unsure if your devices can play our formats; please click here to try quick samples. 

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