Zoom Video Background of Beach by Uscenes

Zoom Video Background of Beach by Uscenes

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by Uscenes

We are known mostly for our aquarium screensaver videos, plus our famous sleep help video The Insomnia Key, but here is something someone requested… Free Zoom Background video of a tropical beach. Just open Zoom on your PC or Mac. Click on your Profile. Click on Settings. Then on Backgrounds and Filters. Finally click the + button to upload your Zoom beach background video. Download it first below.

Download Zoom Video Background of a Tropical Beach by Uscenes FREE

This video is just 10 seconds long but has a HD resolution of 1280 x 720p to make it nice and clear for your Zoom calls.

Zoom Video Background of a Beach by Uscenes

This video is unique and not currently available in any other format. It was filmed on a tropical beach on Koh Kood in Thailand.

We will be adding more Uscenes videos soon, including our best selling videos. Stay tuned. The videos are free, but if you want to donate a dollar or two that will help Gumroad’s costs and our own. Gumroad is a new platform we are using to stream and deliver downloads on more devices for our TV screensavers.

We have just started creating Zoom video backgrounds. If you have any requests you can browse the shop on this site or our YouTube channel at Uscenes Relaxing Videos.