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Choose relaxing videos and HD screensavers from the 3 categories below

Each download bundle contains Full HD footage. You receive lifetime access to 3 files: an MP4 relaxation video to watch and loop on TV, a Windows screensaver and a Mac screensaver. We will be separating the different versions in the next couple of days.
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Now with improved download speeds with Amazon Cloudfront and new 4K Videos

Turn a SMART TV or HD TV into a relaxing virtual aquarium. Quality aquarium videos look like there is a real fish tank in your room.


You will love a real log fireplace video screensaver! High quality 1080p HD fireplaces and now a 4K fireplace as a TV wallpaper or screensaver.


Enjoy beautiful nature in our TV wallpaper scenery videos and High Def screensavers in your living room. Click here for our new 4K nature videos.


Why Buy Uscenes Relaxing Videos and HD Screensavers?

  • Uscenes creates relaxing videos of beautiful scenery, aquariums and fireplaces. When you buy one of our download bundles, you are given lifetime access to download both the HD video and screensaver. Footage shot in 2015 is filmed in 4K Ultra HD and downscaled to full HD.
  • We have strict quality control in place to ensure that all relaxation videos are encoded in Full HD (1080p) and filmed with state of the art camera equipment. This means you can be sure all downloads will look great even on the largest SMART TV or HD TV screens.
  • Our high quality relaxing videos can be looped on TV screens and the free computer screensavers are simple one-click installable apps, which work in exactly the same way as any other screen saver. The difference between Uscenes and others is that we do not use computer generated graphics. You get real life footage designed to help you relax and stop watching trash TV.

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Most Popular Aquarium
relaxing videos
Living Coral Aquarium
View Aquarium Video

Most Popular Fireplace

Brass Fireplace
View Fireplace Video

Featured Release: 4K Aquarium Video

4k aquarium videoOur latest release is an awesome 4K TV screensaver of a beautiful fish tank. This product can also be purchased in our standard Full HD format for a lower price.

If you own a 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) TV, this is the perfect way to show it off. The crystal clear fish and corals look just like the real thing. We also have a very impressive 4K fireplace.

View downloads before you buy

View high quality sample clips on all product pages before buying. Once the video starts to play click on the cog/wheel icon and ensure that 1080p is selected for the best quality.

If you want to check if MP4 files work on your TV click here to download a test, demo clip. If your TV does not play MP4 videos natively you can use media players which are discussed on our FAQ page and Blog.

All download footage is free from any branding.



Commercial Use
relaxing aquarium videos

My customers seem so

much more relaxed

in the waiting room.

Play our relax videos on loop (repeat) in waiting rooms, public transport, restaurants or any other public situation. Contact us for licensing information. We can provide tailor made audio visual solutions for your organisation. You can also contact us for licensing videos for stock use.

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Home Use

background video downloads and TV wallpaper

    • Our downloads all have high quality natural, calming sounds.

  • You can use our relaxation videos to unwind and de-stress, by creating a state of zen like calm.
  • They make a great yoga, meditation and mindfulness aid, by bringing a window to nature into your home.
  • Chill out with our videos looping in the background after a long day at work or a noisy night out.

Download Information
Top Quality Relaxation Videos

Our video downloads are always rendered in 1080p full HD quality (now downscaled from 4K for even higher quality as of the beginning of 2015).

The videos can be downloaded in the universal MP4 format. This works on many TVs, however in many cases you will require a separate media player or streamer.

They also come with free easy to install matching screensavers for both Windows and Apple Mac PCs and laptops.

We use the industry leader Amazon S3 service to ensure secure storage and super fast download speeds.

Always expect fair pricing from Uscenes for every full HD video and screen saver.

Latest Release

relax video aquariumWe have lots of new 4K videos coming soon. Here is a recent Full HD aquarium which looks great as a TV wallpaper or Full HD screen saver:

Swaying Anemone is a lovely close up of a Clownfish (like in the movie Finding Nemo), swimming in and around Anemone (the coral they call home).

It was shot on our new “super low-light” camera and looks great on any sized screen.


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