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Download 4K Ultra HD or Full HD relaxing videos and screensavers

MP4 videos for SMART TVs and screensavers for Windows and Mac computers.
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Turn your SMART TV or UHD TV into a relaxing virtual aquarium. Our high quality aquarium videos transform your TV into a beautiful fish tank.


Turn your TV or PC into a real cozy fireplace. Our range of 4K fireplaces are great relaxing videos for winter. Choose your perfect fireplace now.


Relaxing nature videos help to get rid of stress and relax you. Our HD and 4K “scenic windows” transport you to amazing spots around the world.

Why Buy Uscenes Relaxing Videos and Screensavers?

  • Uscenes creates relaxing videos of beautiful scenery, aquariums and fireplaces. Our footage is now all shot in 4K Ultra HD, with 5.1 surround sound. Our entire library is available at a minimum of Full HD 1080p resolution.
  • Each Uscenes video is available in a range of download formats. Choose the option which is right for you. Alternatively you can buy a value bundle to cater to all of your devices.
  • Our scenery videos provide a scenic window to a beautiful view of nature. Our aquarium videos turn your TV into a stunning fish tank. Why not relax in the winter with your own virtual fireplace: a great way to make your room feel warm and cozy.

Most Popular Bundle Offer

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Most Popular 4K Aquarium

4k aquarium

Coral garden
View Aquarium Video

Best 4K Fireplace

4K SMART TV fireplace video

Ornamental Fireplace
View Fireplace Video

Featured Release: 4K Collection

4k video downloads
This amazing 4K UHD video collection features 35 4K relaxation videos for your Ultra HD SMART TV, or any other ultra high resolution screen. You can own a full library of the highest quality background videos/ manual TV screensavers.

If you own a 4K SMART TV, this is the perfect way to show it off. The collection features many of our most spectacular 4K auqrium videos, fireplaces which are so clear they look real, plus amazing scenery from around the world.

View and test downloads before you buy

View high quality sample clips on all product pages before buying. Once the video starts to play click on the cog/wheel icon and ensure that 2160 4K or 1080p is selected for the best quality.

If you want to check if our files work on your device please click here to download a free demo clip. If your TV does not play MP4 videos you can use media players which are discussed on our FAQ page and Blog.

All download footage is free from any branding.



Commercial Use
relaxing aquarium videos

My customers seem so

much more relaxed

in the waiting room.

Play our relaxing videos on loop (repeat) in waiting rooms, public transport, restaurants or any other public situation. Contact us for licensing information. We can provide tailor made audio visual solutions for your organisation. You can also contact us for licensing videos for stock use.

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Home Use

background video downloads and TV wallpaper
Our downloads all have high quality natural, calming sounds.
You can use our relaxation videos to unwind and de-stress, by creating a state of zen like calm.
They make a great yoga, meditation and mindfulness aid, by bringing a window to nature into your home.
Chill out with our videos looping in the background after a long day at work or a noisy night out.
Set the mood for dinner parties and engagements.
Choose a video to naturally enhance the decor of a room.
Try falling asleep to the relaxing sounds and subtle visuals of our videos.
Encourage children to do homework rather than watch TV shows or play video games.
Use the screensavers to help you relax when taking a break from work at your desk.

Featured Release

Our new featured video is probably our best ever 4K Fireplace for UHD SMART TV screens


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  • 100 Full HD Videos

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  • 100 Full HD MP4 Videos

  • 100 Windows Screensavers

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