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You will love a real log fireplace video screensaver! You can view our 1080p HD fireplaces on any TV or computer screen.


Turn you widescreen HD TV into a virtual aquarium. Our aquarium videos look like there is a real fish tank in your room.


Enjoy beautiful scenery videos in your living room. Set the mood with meadows, lakes and mountains.




About Uscenes HD Screensaver and Video Downloads

  • Uscenes creates video screensavers of attractive scenery, aquariums and fireplaces. When you purchase one of our products you are given access to download both the screensaver and video.
  • We have strict quality control in place to ensure that all videos are encoded in 1080p and filmed with state of the art camera equipment. This means you can be sure all downloads will look great even on the largest SMART TV or HD TV.
  • Our computer screensavers are one click installable apps which work in exactly the same way as any other screensaver. The difference between Uscenes and others is that we do not use computer generated graphics.

Featured Products

Special Offers

Our products cost a small fee of $4.99 for both the video and screensaver. We are offering a buy 2 get 1 FREE deal for people who want to buy 3 downloads. Just add any 3 products to your cart, then enter the coupon code uscenes when checking out. Or why not create a playlist of 9 and use coupon code mega to get any 9 downloads for $19.99.

View downloads before you buy

View high quality sample clips on all product pages before buying. Just click the 1080p option to experience HD quality. All our downloads have sample clips uploaded to our Youtube Channel. We recommend you subscribe to our channel to stay updated with our latest releases. Check out our latest aquarium screensaver by clicking here.


Transform the mood in any room

Relax and Unwind

Our downloads all have natural, relaxing sounds which promote conversation and reading. You can use our background videos to unwind and de-stress. They make a great yoga and meditation aid.

Background videos and screensavers

High Definition

Our HD screensavers and videos are filmed in such high quality, that it will really look like you have a stunning fish tank, fireplace, or window to a beautiful location in your room.



All Downloads Include:

  • 20 minute MP4 video

  • Windows screensaver

  • Mac screensaver

  • 1080p full HD footage

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