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About Us

Uscenes aim is to become the premier website offering real life scenes to be used as 4K UHD and HD screensavers for your TV and computer. We film all our own videos to ensure we maintain the crispest 4K and Full HD footage.

Our screensavers and videos are aimed at those who wish to make better use of their TV and computer screens. This can be to aid relaxation, stimulate conversation, encourage reading, or simply provide a pleasant backdrop.


Private use

In homes our products are an excellent way to encourage children to do homework rather than watch TV or play video games. In winter our fireplaces create a cozy, warming atmosphere. Our aquariums are an affordable, hassle free alternative to buying a real fish tank. Our scenery products let you relax and escape to nature: a scenic window. They are all excellent in the background when you have guests over.


Commercial and public use

Our professionally made video footage can be used by many different businesses and organisations. Such as in waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, hospitals or dentist public areas, or to create a pleasing mood at a party or event. Digital signage companies regularly approach us for various applications.

Our current top client is Emirates Airlines. We supplied them with a bespoke selection of our relaxing videos which now have their own dedicated channel in Emirates’ award winning ICE in-flight entertainment system. Be sure to watch Relax TV next time you fly Emirates. Please get in touch for licensing arrangements.


Our History

Uscenes was started by two Brits in 2013. One has the filming background, the other the know-how to put everything in place online. Together we decided to create a high quality service which offers people clean, high quality downloads of 4K and HD footage for any TV or computer screen.

We eventually want our videos accessible by everyone. This means a TV channel on UHD SMART TVs and streaming boxes. For now you can download our videos for private use, with the best deal being our Full Collection of 100 Full HD download bundles for just $129. The 4K video downloads collection is more expensive at $199 for 35 MP4 videos.

Uscenes is a trading name of Three Digital Software Trading LLC  Licence number 765723 (Dubai).

Thank you for all your lovely screensavers and MP4s. They really are lovely.
I will be coming back again for more purchases soon. Once again, thank you.
If you recently bought an Ultra HD TV but, none of the big Networks are broadcasting in 4K yet. Uscenes has the best videos in HD and 4K which are absolutely incredible.

Oh did I forget to mention they have the best and most extensive library of Screen Savers in the WORLD.

My son has autism and normally takes up to 3/4 hours to go to sleep. 5 min tonight, and he was out like a light. A thanks can't cover how happy and thankful I am tonight.
Thought we'd get tired of the four aquarium videos we bought at Christmas, but it didn't happen!
They're beautiful. Just ordered another aquarium video and four nature videos. Very nicely done. Keep up the GREAT work!
I enjoy watching these 4k videos. With all the clarity and detail it's like looking through a big digital window.


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