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4K Fireplace Video Downloads and Fireplace Screensaver Downloads

"Turn your TV or PC into a Virtual Fireplace"

Uscenes fireplace videos are the perfect way to make a room feel cozy. Avoid the expense and hassle of a real fireplace with an Ultra HD 4K fireplace video (also Full HD). Perfect for romantic nights, dinner parties or simply to give your room a warm, glowing ambiance.

Each download product includes the choice of a loopable 20 minute TV fireplace video and the choice of a Windows and Mac fireplace screensaver. Most are filmed in 4K Ultra HD, which means they look great on any size screen. Our first 60 videos are in Full HD and the new releases also have HD versions. The fireplace screensavers automatically loop and the videos can easily be set to loop on a UHD TV, HD TV or SMART TV.

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4K Fireplace Video

4K Fireplace Video is one of the highest quality Ultra HD fireplace videos currently available. Ultra HD, UHD and 4K equates to a massive improvement in video quality. You can also choose to download the Full HD option (down-scaled from 4K), which will also be higher quality than our previous HD fireplaces. A perfect background video for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Toasty Fireplace

A screen filling fire screensaver for your computer and video for your TV. The close up shot of this roaring log fire will make any room feel a little warmer and a lot cosier. See sample clip below in full HD. Perfect for Christmas and winter nights.

Brass Fireplace

Enhance the mood anytime with this fireplace TV screensaver video, framed with brass. The golden colour the screen generates is very cozy and ideal for dark winter nights. Watch the sample clip below in glorious 1080p full HD. Then download and watch on all your TV and computer screens.

Country Cottage Fireplace

A truly cosy little fireplace video download filmed in a country cottage in Devon. The flickering flames and cracking sounds will have you believing you are really there. Download this screensaver and watch the fire slowly burn down to a smouldering cinder of logs. Great on TV screens of all sizes, watch the sample clip below…


Get the Uscenes download bundle of relaxation videos on sale today. Featuring 70+ 4K Ultra HD aquariums, fireplaces and nature videos. Plus all of our earlier Full HD videos. Buying the Uscenes Mega Deal gives you full long-term access to download all 140 MP4 video files. An entire future-proof library of top quality relaxation videos. The perfect high-quality footage to use on a new big screen UHD SMART TV. The ultimate TV screensaver collection.

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Full HD Uscenes Collection

This collection features long term access to every Full HD Uscenes download release up to the end of 2015. This is by far the most economical download bundle we offer saving over $1,000! It contains access to 100 video screensavers (each is 3 files = 300 total files).  Each Full HD video is 20 minutes and intended to be looped on your TV screen. The screensavers for Mac and Windows loop every 3 minutes. If you don't need the computer screensavers take a look at our MEGA DEAL with 70 Full HD videos and 50 4K videos.

$1,200 $129
Large Log Fireplace

A big, bold fireplace video download with beautiful flames. Download now and get the 20 minute video to loop on your TV or the Mac and Windows screensavers, which self loop every 3 minutes.

Soothing Fireplace

This virtual fireplace is almost as good as the real thing. Filmed in Full HD and with real burning logs, the Soothing Fireplace sets a great ambiance in your home. Download options include a 20 minute video and self looping screensaver for Windows or Mac.

Burning Cinders

A calming fireplace download in Full HD. This video and screensaver is great for insomnia, or when you want to relax with the lights down low. It will fill your room with a comforting amber glow. Loop the 20 minute MP4 video on your TV or use the screensaver on your Windows or Mac computer. The screensaver versions self loop every 3 minutes.

Arty Fireplace

This UHD fireplace video is perfect for modern, trendy rooms. It can be used as a stylish TV wallpaper or screensaver on a computer monitor. Choose your download option below.

Classic Fireplace Video

A warming fireplace video screensaver. The perfect way to make any room feel cosy this winter. Watch it anytime on your TV or computer screens. Choose the MP4 video which is 20 minutes long or the 3 minute self looping screensaver.

Ornamental Fireplace

We think this is the best 4K fireplace video we have produced. It can be used on UHD SMART TV screens as a replacement for a real, traditional fireplace. The ultra high definition MP4 video is 20 minutes long and the idea is to loop it continuously by pressing your repeat button.

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Fireplace Videos

TV Fireplace Video Downloads

Each video download includes a 20 minute MP4 version which you can play on your computer screens or TV screens. Our fireplace TV footage is all filmed in Ultra HD (for UHD TVs) or 1080p which is the resolution for Full HD (high definition TVs). This means they look great even on very large 4K UHD and HDTV screens.

The 4K videos are around 1.2-1.6GB in size. The Full HD versions are 600 MB to 1.2 GB in size. For most people, videos will download within 10-20 minutes, maybe a little longer for 4K versions.  All new 4K SMART TVs can play our 4K videos as they are encoded in the latest HEVC (H.265) codec. This keeps the file size low and the quality high. With older non- SMART HDTVs you may require an external media player or streaming device such as the Google Chromecast. If unsure click here to try our sample clips.

All videos feature the real sounds of a crackling fireplace

Fireplace Screensavers

HD and 4K Fireplace Screensaver Downloads

Each product also includes the option of a fireplace screensaver in two formats; one for Windows PCs and laptops, the other for Apple Mac OS iMacs and Macbooks. Each file operates just like any other screensaver. After downloading you click on the file and they automatically install. Newer releases (generally those with the 4K logo) also give you the option to set the volume level and use multiple screens (mirrored). All products have a Full HD screensaver and all newer ones have 4K UHD screensavers.

Once installed you simply select the time you would like them to play after inactivity on your computer. Once you touch the mouse, trackpad or keyboard again, they stop. Each HD screensaver is around 120 MB to 160 MB file size (approximately double for 4K versions). For most of you this means a download time of just a few minutes.

Take a look at our most popular 4K fireplace video:

Benefits of a Virtual Fireplace

Benefits of a 4K Virtual Fireplace TV

virtual fireplace video
The benefits of using a virtual fireplace on your screens include an extremely low cost, especially when you consider how much a real log fireplace will cost to install. There is no need to worry about buying logs and cleaning up the ash afterwards. Plus a PC or TV fireplace is completely safe. Also, you can change the mood easily by using different fireplaces on your TV or computer screens.

We have smouldering fires as well as full flamed versions. Our footage is high quality and on a high-resolution PC or TV screen, a virtual fireplace from Uscenes is almost as good as the real thing. They can even make your room feel warmer as they give off an amber glow and comforting sounds.

Get yourself a TV fireplace now, they are high quality, easy to use and low cost. These relaxing videos are perfect for the home in winter, romantic evenings by the (virtual) fireplace, or for any workplace or public situation. They will even help you fall asleep.

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