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Full HD Uscenes Collection

Sale! Full HD Uscenes Collection

Full HD Uscenes Collection

$1,200 $129

This collection features long term access to every Full HD Uscenes download release up to the end of 2015. This is by far the most economical download bundle we offer saving over $1,000! It contains access to 100 video screensavers (each is 3 files = 300 total files).  Each Full HD video is 20 minutes and intended to be looped on your TV screen. The screensavers for Mac and Windows loop every 3 minutes. If you don't need the computer screensavers take a look at our MEGA DEAL with 70 Full HD videos and 50 4K videos.


100 Amazing Video Screensavers for just $129

You save over $1,000 on the price of buying these relaxation videos and screensavers separately. This limited time offer gives you an immense library of beautiful screensavers in a high resolution. You get long term access to the downloads.

  • 100 20 minute Full HD MP4 videos designed to be looped on HDTV and SMART TV screens.
  • 100 Windows screensavers. These are 3 minute self looping versions.
  • 100 Apple Mac screensavers. These are also 3 minutes and self loop.
  • Our 4K videos are not included due to their file size. Click here for the 4K downloads collection.

This product includes all of the amazing Full HD Uscenes aquariums, fireplaces and scenery videos and screensavers release up to the end of 2015.

The final product added to this collection is Zen Aquarium. You can sort by newness on this page to see the latter videos and all the 100 included.


Payment is quick, safe and secure through Paypal or with a credit or debit card with WorldPay. After you have paid you will be redirected back here, or click “Return To Uscenes” to come back to Uscenes.com

You will then be given instructions for downloading your videos, via Amazon S3 and Cloudfront = fast and secure. You will also receive an email with the same instructions. This gives you instant full access to all download links.

Just save the webpage link and password we provide you. Then you can then login anytime to download videos and screensavers. Your browser should remember the password and keep you logged in. There is a lot to download, so you can take your time.


 You can own a massive library of high quality 1080p Full HD relaxation videos with matching screensavers. 


The Ultimate Relaxing Videos Download Bundle 

  • 33 TV Aquariums
  • 16 Virtual Fireplaces
  • 51 Scenic windows of nature scenery

Many modern TVs include a media player with a repeat option and the ability to play our MP4 video files. All Samsung SMART TVs will play our MP4 videos from a USB Flash Drive (USB memory stick). If your TV does not natively play and/or loop (repeat) MP4 videos, you can use a media player box. These compact boxes cost from $30 at Amazon.com and you can plug in a USB memory stick or SD card. Then set the videos to repeat, random or play all.

Other playback options include media streaming boxes such as the Apple TV, which will stream the videos on your TV screen when played on a media player app like iTunes. Alternatively you can just use the Airplay option to stream your Macbook screen onto your TV.

Google’s Chromecast and Chromebox are other options which provide excellent functionality. You simply open a video in the Chrome browser, select the loop option, select full page view, then stream it to your TV. Check out our FAQ page (link at top) or Blog (link at bottom) for more advice on different methods to play our relax videos on your TV screens.

The screensavers are simple apps just like any other screensaver on Windows or Apple computers. They self loop after 3 minutes until you touch your keyboard, mouse or trackpad. You can even screen your laptop or PC monitor onto your TV with the right cable or streaming device.

Unsure if your TV will play our videos? Click here to download a free sample clip to test on your system. Our relaxation video downloads are encoded in the most video popular format: MP4. If you have any technical problems we will be more than happy to advise you via email.

Easily the best deal you can get at Uscenes. A massive library of relaxing videos and screensavers for a bargain price!


If you don’t need the computer screensavers take a look at our MEGA DEAL with 70 Full HD videos and 50 4K videos.

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Video and Screensaver Information:

  • Full HD MP4 videos are approx. 20 minute 1080p footage suitable for all TV screens. Approx. 500 MB to 1.3 GB download. We use the H.264 codec which allows us to compress the files to a manageable download size, whilst maintaining excellent quality.
  • 4K Ultra HD MP4 videos are around 1.2-1.6 GB for UHD televisions. We have encoded these videos in the superior H.265 (HEVC) codec, which means faster download speeds. 
  • The computer screensavers are self looping 3 minute versions in Full HD for Windows and Mac PCs and laptops (approx. 100 MB to 230 MB).  The 4K Ultra HD screensavers are also 3 minutes and loop automatically (approx. 200 MB to 350 MB) . 

Some of the MP4 videos are looped to make up the 20 minutes.

For more technical information see our FAQ page, or Blog for help with media players.

Please note: our products are all virtual, downloadable files. We do not sell DVDs or Blu-rays.

If you are unsure if your devices can play our formats; please click here to try quick samples. 

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