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Fireplace Videos for SMART TVs – Great for Stress

When the cold wind whips at your face and the rain lashes down we all pine for shelter and warmth. Sitting by a roaring fire, sheltered from the elements, is most everyone’s ideal way to spend a winter evening.

A fireplace video on your big screen 4K SMART TV can have the same positive effects. Whether at home or in the office, these TV screensavers remind us that despite all the hustle and bustle of lives demands, those moments when our troubles melt away aren’t just welcome – they’re imperative. Read More

Relaxation Videos Help Recover Sport Injuries

Why Relaxation Videos are Essential to Help You Recover from a Sports Injury, Mind, Body and Spirit

You don’t need to be Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton or LeBron James to know that a sports injury takes time to recover from. Depending on the injury itself, you could be out of action for a matter of days, or months at a time. Read More

Using 4K Relaxing Videos and Other Techniques to Cure Insomnia

According to the Centres of Disease for Disease Control and Prevention, in the USA more than 25% of American’s suffer from insomnia. Perhaps, more telling, 2017 research by the German Neuroscience Centre discovered that one in three people in Dubai suffers from one sleep disorder or another.

What’s clear is that insomnia is a malady that plagues many people in Dubai. Standard medical advice says that sticking to a regular bedtime routine is one of the best ways to cure insomnia, but who goes to bed at the same time every single night?

But, for those tired of not sleeping, lying awake night after night staring at the bedroom ceiling, there is hope. 4K relaxing videos are a great way to quash insomnia once and for all. But, what else can you do to make sure swift and deep slumber?

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Nature Videos Can Help You Feel Happy, Creative, Energised and More Alive

It may seem perplexing to some, but in the twenty-first century more people than ever before spend much of their lives indoors. Whether this is due to the rise of the internet age, or a global aversion to bracing extreme weather is open to debate, but what cannot be argued is that if given the choice, most of us will stay sheltered in our homes.

Yet, despite this, being at one with nature is proven to have many psychological benefits. Scientists have long believed that nature affects everyone’s moods, making them feel more grounded and peaceful.

According to researcher David Strayer, of the University of Utah, being at one with nature increases our emotional health. This has been observed through changes in our body and brain chemistry.

Here are just some of the positive effects that nature has on our psychological well-being and why observing nature videos for a short period can rejuvenate and restore the soul.

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Resurrecting the Forgotten Art of Screensavers: Create a Work of Art on Your Computer with a 4K HD Aquarium Screensaver

We all remember late 90s Windows screensavers. Sitting atop a dark background was the Windows logo clunkily bounding from one corner of the screen to another. What about the endless series of three-dimensional, multi-coloured pipes that manifested within the screen, seemingly on a journey to nowhere? We’re sure most-everyone remembers that.

As indicative as these screensavers are of the Windows 95 operating system, their aesthetics left a lot to be desired. Hardly immersing you with their design, they exposed the full extent, or lack thereof, of the operating system.

Fast forward more than two decades and 4K Ultra HD screensavers prove just how far we’ve come. Today, when every PC or laptop goes to sleep, their computer can display images with detail and resolution that matches anything of the human eye. Has the forgotten art of the screensaver been resurrected? In short, yes. Read More

The Benefits of 4K Resolution: Once You Try 4K Video Downloads You’ll Be Hooked!

In an age when new technological innovations are as commonplace as the days in the week, you’d be forgiven for letting one or two pass you by. After all, the number of so-called ‘revolutionary’ new products brought to the marketplace each year is staggering.

But occasionally there’s an innovation that’s genuinely leaps and bounds ahead of what’s available, enhancing our lives and making us think, how did I ever get along without it? Ultra HD 4K videos are such an innovation. Read More

4K Relaxation Videos To Help Calm Babies and Toddlers

The sound of a baby crying is unmistakable to parents. The instant that they hear a loud whimper or abrupt wail, all parents spring into action whisk the little one into their arms soothing them gently. It’s an instinct that every parent has.

Whenever a baby cries, the message is clear – they need comfort and care from a safe and loving parent or parental figure. But, how do you calm a crying baby who seems unaffected by the gentle and reassuring touch that only a loved one can provide?

An Interesting Solution…That Really Works: Relaxation Videos by Uscenes

You may be surprised to learn that playing videos for infants has proven to be one of the most effective ways to soothe a crying baby. Parents that have tried singing a lullaby, gentle rocking to and fro, or placing a soft and warm blanket around them for comfort only for the little ones upset to persist may find that playing a calming video is just what they need.

Why Soothing Videos for Babies and Toddlers Help

There are several reasons why 4K Ultra HD relaxing videos can help sooth babies and toddlers. Picturesque nature scenery has an instant calming effect. The vivid colours and clear sounds are transfixing, especially to little ones who are fascinated by the world around them. Read More

Looking for a Way to Boost Patient Satisfaction? Add Waiting Room Videos to Your Surgery

As any doctor’s surgery will tell you, patient satisfaction is crucial. How patient’s feel about their level care is essential to any surgery’s continuing ability to help the community. But should effective patient care lie solely with the doctor? From a medical perspective, absolutely. From a general perspective, not necessarily.

How patients feel when they visit a surgery is paramount. Often, it’s the little touches that make all the difference. From talking with a kindly receptionist to the waiting room décor, there are several factors that can boost patient satisfaction – but have you considered the benefit of displaying waiting room videos?


Increase Patient Knowledge

Presenting videos with medical content to patients increases the knowledge and awareness they have of their own health. This is vital to helping patients recognise any symptoms or bolstering any advice given by a doctor.

 In addition, HD videos can give patients more information about specific medical conditions. Clearly displayed Ultra HD videos outlining the treatment for a vitamin D deficiency or the proper dietary requirements to avoid obesity will educate patients as they sit and wait for their appointment.

Not only that, waiting room videos that feature calming scenes can help to focus patients before they speak to a doctor. This is vital to helping patients accurately explain how they feel aiding effective medical treatment.


Decrease Anxiety

Educated patients are more capable of managing their health – and the less likely they are to feel anxious when recognising the first symptoms of illness.

When patients don’t understand the nature of a procedure, it’s difficult to stop the swell of nervousness. One of the most effective ways to immediately put patients at ease as they enter a surgery is to create a tranquil environment – and waiting room videos of any description can do this very effectively!

Just think how much calmer you’d feel if you sat down for your appointment and looked around the room to see a calming HD virtual aquarium. Immediately transporting you to a place of serenity, these videos are both transfixing and calming, helping patients forget their malady, if only for a moment, and focusing their minds before they speak to a doctor.


Build Trust

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The Top 5 Ways to Relax

To enjoy a healthy and productive lifestyle we all need to rest, Sadly, this is something that most of us rarely get the opportunity to do.

The age-old excuse that we tell ourselves is that we don’t have the time to relax. There’s always something that needs to be done. From getting the kids to and from school to tidying the house, cooking, cleaning, and let’s not forget those our commitments at work. Read More

Connect with Your Inner Child by Using One of These Three Inspired Methods to Help You Relax – Including Playing Background Videos

How often do you feel weary? How often do you act on your impulses to rest your head on a pillow and snooze, if only for a few moments?

Many adults have made suppressing their fatigue and continuing to work an art form, rationalising that there’s always something to be done and that there simply isn’t enough time to rest.

As proactive as this is, it’s hardly a healthy behaviour. Listening to what your body is telling you is one of the hallmarks of a happy life. Everyone is born with the instinct to relax when needed. Children know this. They rest when they need to. As adults we tend to ignore what our body is telling us.

Sometimes to get a restful nights’ sleep, reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit and improve your physical strength, all you need to do is to take a few moments away from the hullabaloo and remember what childhood was like with one of these four things. Read More

Uscenes Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Thanksgiving Sale 2017

Download over 70 4K Ultra HD relaxation videos and 70 Full HD videos in the Uscenes Mega Deal Festive Sale

Click here to visit the Mega Deal page

We are celebrating Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday with over 50% off our Mega Deal. Which is all of our relaxing videos in their highest resolutions. This means a massive library of video content for your SMART TV with tonnes of beautiful Aquariums, Nature Windows and Fireplace Videos.

4K and HD Video Downloads Sale

The Collection features all our video including the amazing popular Coral Garden, Jellyfish Aquarium, The Ocean Tank and 4K Fireplace. Plus all our paradise beaches, waterfalls and other nature scenes, aquariums and fireplaces.

Click here to visit the Mega Deal page

How to Calm Down Children with Autism: What Parents Should Know

Disclaimer: we are not providing medical advice. We have researched this topic to provide useful information, but you should always consult your doctor before implementing medical advice you read online. We were alerted to the fact that our videos can help people with autism when we received the following comment:

My son has autism and normally takes up to 3/4 hours to go to sleep. 5 min tonight, and he was out like a light. A thanks can’t cover how happy and thankful I am tonight.

It’s not uncommon for children with autism to become overstimulated. Often light, sound and touch can drastically affect their mood, as can changes in routine and unexpected events. As autistic children have difficulty understanding or communicating their feelings, a sudden shift in sensory perception or experience may result in the child becoming fearful or frustrated. Read More

How Relaxation Videos Can Help with Social Anxiety

Anyone who suffers from social anxiety (social phobia) is familiar with the clutch in their chest when faced with social situations. The urge to retreat can become so overwhelming that many with the disorder do all they can to avoid daily interaction, which vastly decreases the quality of their lives.

There are no ‘one treatment cures all’ approach to help people suffering from the debilitating effects of social anxiety, however, the medical community does agree on a few accepted treatments that promote natural anxiety relief when in social situations.

Read More

The Benefits of a Virtual Fireplace

There are few things better than cosying up beside a roaring fire when the cold winter nights draw in. There’s just something that’s so comforting about cuddling with a loved one by the fireplace, mug of hot chocolate in hand as the snow blankets the world outside.

As heartening as traditional open fireplaces can be, they’re also not without their drawbacks. From soot stains climbing the paintwork to the consistent gathering of fresh fuel such as wood and coal every day, not to mention the worry of filling your home with harmful airborne particles, suddenly open fireplaces don’t seem all that attractive. Read More

How Relaxation Videos Can Help with Stress

In today’s go, go, go world everyone at one time or another has felt the weight that stress puts on our shoulders. Effectively combating stress requires a practised approach – one where we need to activate our body’s natural relaxation response. Read More

Sleep Aid Videos for People with Insomnia

We’ve all experienced nights spent tossing and turning, waiting for sleep to come only to be left frustrated as drifting into slumber stubbornly eludes us.

It’s estimated that as many as 30-40% of people report experiencing insomnia every year, a condition that wreaks havoc on their psychological and physical well-being. In short, we all need sleep, without it we are a shadow of ourselves.

The Causes of Insomnia

There is a wealth of physical and psychological factors that contribute to insomnia. Chronic physical pain and an overactive mind are often cited as two of primary causes of insomnia.

Another acknowledged cause of insomnia are drugs such as caffeine and nicotine. Both are stimulants and designed to keep you awake – which isn’t overly helpful come bedtime. However, environmental factors also affect sleep patterns. Feeling bathed in peace and tranquillity will encourage sleep.

The Effects of Insomnia

It goes without saying that persistent insomnia can damage both long and short-term health. Medical professionals agree that there’s a direct correlation between insomnia and a wealth of health concerns.

Insomniacs have reported increased levels of anxiety and depression. Every sleep cycle is the body’s natural restorative process. Memories are collated and organised when we sleep and physical ailments cured. Without sleep, our body and mind cannot heal itself – and this can lead to persistent problems, including anxiety and depression.

Latest Relaxing Videos

4K Ultra HD Sleep Aid Videos

One of the most effective ways to encourage relaxation and tempt sleep is to surround yourself with videos that encourage peace and calm. Insomnia videos have proven especially effective to help people drift off into slumber soundly every night.

4K Ultra HD videos of gorgeous scenery, aquariums or fireplaces will relax you by transporting you to a place where you can completely leave the pressures of the day or any enduring stresses behind.

The vivid details of 4K Ultra HD videos offer an idyllic environment beyond what you can imagine and are the most effective way to immerse yourself in a place that not even the most detailed imagination can conjure.

Perfect for HD TV’s, a quiet night in front of the television not watching the news, football game or film, but absorbed in serenity and stillness, 4K Ultra HD videos can really help anyone suffering a lack of sleep night after night.

Insomnia Screensavers

We’re all guilty of working into the late hours of the night, frantically trying to meet that deadline, or just preparing for the following day. This is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be the reason for insomnia.

By taking a few moments, or a moment as often as you can to watch 4K Ultra HD insomnia video of vivid landscapes, scenic beauty or warming fireplaces not only can you re-focus your mind but these brief moments will encourage sleep later in the evening.

Whether you’re working from home or still at the office as dusk settles, a sleep aid video can bring you peace, just at the time when you really need it and help you to fall effortlessly into much-needed slumber when you finally turn in for the night.

Latest Relaxing Videos

4K Beach Scenes with 5.1 Surround Sound to Loop on TV

Having just been asked which of our beach video screensavers are suitable to use on an Ultra HD TV with 5.1 surround sound. I thought this would be the ideal time to blog about it. The below videos can be downloaded in 4K Ultra HD resolution with relaxing 5.1 surround sound audio tracks.

They are also available in HD and as computer screensavers. You can either add the file from your computer to a USB memory stick, or use a media center software like Kodi to stream from your computer and have them loop as long as you wish. Perfect for when you need some sunshine in your life, or want a little paradise island escapism.

4K Beach Scenes and Beach Screensavers

Click on the products to see the videos. The camera stays still to give you the feeling of actually being on a beach relaxing and sunbathing.

Idyllic Beach

Can't get away for a dream holiday? If so use this relaxing beach video to transport you to a paradise island. The 4K video features a white sand beach and turquoise waters on a tropical island.

Paradise Waters

Paradise Waters is a 4K beach video best enjoyed on a big screen UHD SMART TV. This relaxation video was filmed in Ultra HD resolution. You can choose to download an MP4 video or Windows screensaver or Mac screensaver. We also offer it in Full HD resolution.

Resort Beach

Beach scene wallpaper for your 4K TV or any other screen in your home. Let the relaxing sounds of the ocean compliment this theraputic moving wallpaper to giving you that holiday feeling.

Tropical Vista

Tropical Vista is an Ultra HD beach scene filmed in a tropical paradise. We have added a relaxing 5.1 surround sound audio track, to help you feel calm and relaxed. Choose from a variety of download options below.


Please keep checking back in future for more Ultra HD beach scenes filmed in the tropics. The above videos were filmed in Mauritius and the Philippines.

Each 4K UHD video is in the MP4 format and uses the latest H.265 HEVC compression for reasonable file sizes. Usually between 1 to 1.5 GB, which means you can download them quickly and they are easily streamed on your home’s WiFi network. Plus you can fit more of them onto USB flash drives and hard drives.

Below are some more videos beach lovers may like including some romantic ocean sunsets:

Cliff Sea View 4K

A beautiful Ultra HD 4K ocean video with an amazing view of cliffs in The Algarve, Portugal. Available as a 20 minute MP4 video to loop as TV wallpaper, plus there is a Full HD version for standard TV screens. Both options come with relaxing 5.1 surround sound. There are also shorter computer screensaver versions. See a quick clip to the left, the full video below and choose your download option below too.

Night Beach

Romance is in the air tonight at this relaxing dusk beach scene. Filmed in 4K and available for download in a variety of formats below…

Purple Sunset

Enjoy this Ultra HD 4K Purple Sunset on your big UHD TV screen, as a calming background video. The attractive shades of violet make this unique sunset ideal for setting a certain atmosphere. It is also available in Full HD and as computer screensavers. Choose your version below.

Sunset Boats

This 4K sunset beach video is ideal to make a romantic evening extra special. Choose from a variety of formats below for any screen in your home and get instant download access:


If you would like a collection of beach scenes in 4K we recommend the Mega Deal for the best value. It also includes our older beach videos in Full HD, plus all our amazing aquariums and fireplaces. If you wish to try before you buy visit our samples page by clicking here to test the videos on your TV.


4K Screensavers Can Make a World of Difference…And Here’s Why

As the old saying goes, a picture can tell a thousand words. But, what if a picture could tell you ten
thousand words? Well, it can. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you 4K screensavers.

One of the most enduring computer features of computer application in the last two decades, screensavers are as commonplace as any Microsoft operating system.

The times of being greeted by the floating Microsoft logo or the squiggly, growing pipe design after leaving our computer idle for a few moments seem relics of a bygone era. Today, screensavers have evolved to become so much more than static images or basic GIF animations – they are an essential element to how we interact with and experience computers in the modern digital age.

Whether adding a touch of creativity and beauty to a dreary office space or lifting our spirits, the vivid detail of 4K screensavers can imbue us with a sense of wonder and can even lift our spirits.

What Is 4K Resolution?

Simply put, you don’t get any better than 4K resolution. Images are sharp and colors are vivid. 4K resolution is a delight for the eyes, allowing us to explore and absorb images in the minutest detail. 4K resolution is named for the degree of horizontal resolution provided by the pixelated image.

Sometimes known as Ultra High Definition, with images consisting of approximately 4000 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels.

Dominant in the fields of digital photography and television, 4K resolution offers the sharpest images possible by current digital technology.

Screensavers with 4K resolution can completely transport us to a place about as far away from our
desks or laps as possible. One moment you could be sitting at your desk, worrying how you’ll ever
make that looming deadline, the next you could feel in harmony with the natural splendor of an
aquarium and its picturesque beauty.

4K aquarium screesaver download

Aquarium Screensavers and 4K Technology

It’s long been known that pleasant scenery promotes a positive frame of mind. This positivity is
integral to enjoying a prosperous working and home life. Just taking a moment out of your day cam
make all the difference, allowing you to re-focus and re-energise.

One of the great things about an aquarium screensaver is that it provides you with that sense of
escapism and tranquility for a nominal price. A home or office aquarium doesn’t come cheap. Then
there’s the upkeep and the added expense of populating it with fresh or seawater fish, before you
know where you are, you can spend a fortune!

Why bother with hassle and expense of buying an aquarium when you get the feeling from an
aquarium screensaver. Should you have a laptop or a tablet, you can also carry the feeling of
harmony wherever you go!

jellyfish aquarium screensaver

Better Quality Equals More Impactful

Our eyes are attracted to crisp imagery, imprinting what we see to our brains. In an age where we’re treated to a visual feast each time we turn on the television or start our laptop, poor resolution images are simply not as impactful.

4K aquarium screensavers mirror the standard of technology that are eyes are used to witnessing
every single day. The images they project are more than just images – they are an experience.

The ocean is also proven to enhance our sense of calm and clarity. The color blue is by far and away the favorite color of people across the world, invoking feelings of depth and happiness.

If you want to find a simple way to de-stress, enhance productivity or fill your home or office with
colour and creativity, an aquarium screensaver is a great way to do it.

The Best Christmas Fireplace Video

The Best 4K Christmas Fireplace Video

Update 2016: We have now created a modern fireplace video with classy Christmas decorations. It is a gas fireplace so you may still want to chose last year’s best Christmas fireplace video, or Ornamental Fireplace Video (left of photo above) for a more traditional look.

Our new Christmas Fireplace is available on our website as a 4K video, Full HD video, plus 4K or HD Windows or Mac screensavers.

Update December 2017: We have just added Ultrawide Fireplace for people with 21:9 aspect ratio monitors just in time for Christmas.

Read More

Ultrawide Screensaver for Cinema TV Screens and PC Monitors in 21:9

We have been asked a few times if we have ultrawide videos and screensavers. Today we have just released our first ultrawide screensaver. The resolution ratio is 21:9 rather than the standard 16:9 we use. The video and screensaver versions are available in 2 resolutions: 3440 x 1440 or 2560 x 1080.

Update February 2018: We now have a growing collection of ultrawide screensaver downloads in 3440 x 1440p resolution for 4K UHD or 2560 x 1080p for Full HD resolution.

Read More

New Relaxation Video Bundles from Uscenes

It has been quite some time since our last news/blog update. We have been busy filming new relaxation videos and slowly releasing new ones on the website. We have quite a backlog, so there will be a surge of releases when we get caught up. In the meantime we have begun creating more download bundles… Read More

Protected: Please email us for the password to access the free samples

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Romantic Videos and Screensavers

The perfect background videos for Valentines Day

We have over 100 relaxing videos at Uscenes. Valentines Day is just a couple of days away, so what better time to showcase our most romantic options. These videos are all available for instant download. You can loop then on your TV screens or computer screens.

Best Romantic Sunset Videos in 4K UHD

We have 2 excellent new sunset videos, which were both filmed in Ultra HD 4K. If you have a modern UHD SMART TV you should just be able to copy the MP4 video file to a USB drive and then plug it into your TV. These two romantic sunsets are also available in Full HD and as computer screensavers for both Windows and Mac. Ideal for imagining you and your loved one are on a paradise beach staring off to sea in each others arms.

Purple Sunset

Enjoy this Ultra HD 4K Purple Sunset on your big UHD TV screen, as a calming background video. The attractive shades of violet make this unique sunset ideal for setting a certain atmosphere. It is also available in Full HD and as computer screensavers. Choose your version below.

Sunset Boats

This 4K sunset beach video is ideal to make a romantic evening extra special. Choose from a variety of formats below for any screen in your home and get instant download access:


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Relaxing Videos for a 4K UHD TV

First we had video tape at 320 x 240. Then came the amazing quality of DVD’s at 720 x 480. By 1993 HD was born starting with the first TV’s displaying 1280 X 720, although these were not produced until many years later. Then 1920 x 1080 became the HD standard…. until now!
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Christmas and New Year TV Wallpaper in 4K UHD

many people will be receiving a brand new UHD TV from Santa this year. We have been very busy releasing lots of new 4K Ultra HD relaxation videos. This make great TV wallpapers when you have guests at your home. It is a really good way of making use of the screen without having something on that people will stare at the whole time. The sounds on our latest videos are 5.1 surround sound and usually very relaxing, creating a nice calming ambiance in a room. Here are the videos we will be watching this festive season…
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4K Screensaver Videos Coming Soon

We have been busy testing the possibility of Ultra HD 4K screensaver videos. After a fairly successful first try with a 1 minute test, we found that our attempt at making a longer 4K aquarium screensaver brought a very mixed bag of results.

For now we are going to step back from creating a 4K screensaver and get the website updated with video previews when you hover over images and separated products. That way if you only want a Mac screensaver you can pay less that the cost of the whole download bundles with the video and Windows screensaver.

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The Insomnia Key
We are proud to present our first 100% free and accessible to all sleep video… The Insomnia Key

This free sleep aid video is a compilation of our relaxation videos. We have darkened them and faded them into each other very slowly. This has a very calming, almost hypnotic effect which helps you drift off to sleep.

The natural sounds are there, plus an ambient binaural soundtrack composed specifically to help you get to sleep quicker. The Insomnia Key features new a new Uscenes video, plus the most relaxing selection of fireplaces, aquariums and scenery videos from our catalogue. Read More

The Perfect Time for Relaxing Videos is 20 Minutes

Here at Uscenes we produce high quality relaxation videos. Each one is 20 minutes in length. The initial reason was so that downloads would be fast because the file sizes wouldn’t need to be too large. For 20 minute Full HD videos the files can be around 1GB. Now that we have begun offering videos in 4K Ultra HD, the size can be 6GB. So we did a little digging to see if 20 minutes was the perfect length for a relaxation video…

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Turn My TV Screen into a 4K Fireplace

Make your TV into a 4K virtual fireplace by following the simple, affordable steps on this page. You can turn any television into a stunning Full HD or 4K Ultra HD fireplace by looping a video recording of a real fireplace.

The two things required to be able to turn your TV into a fireplace are a TV (ideally a large 4K UHD SMART TV, or a HD TV with media player) and a fireplace video.

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Why You Should Stop Watching So Much TV

Replace TV Shows With Nature Videos

Uscenes was created by two guys who stopped watching TV around 10 years ago. We both realized the news was feeding us depressing information we didn’t need to know about, soaps were mind numbing and the talk shows are generally awful. Then you have the adverts clogging up your brain with useless products.
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How to Give Uscenes Virtual Products as Christmas Gifts

Giving Downloaded Videos as Christmas Gifts

We are the first to admit that sending someone a downloadable video or screensaver file doesn’t sound like a great gift idea. However if you think about it there are plenty of gifts and products which are going virtual. Read More

What is Uscenes View on 4k Ultra HD Video

Update mid 2015: We now only film in Ultra HD 4K. We have a new category of 4K videos and the early favorite is a 4K aquarium. We expect our 4K fireplace to do well soon as winter and Christmas approaches. We still offer Full HD versions, but the growing market for UHD TV screens encouraged us to raise the bar. We will soon be releasing Ultra HD screensavers too, for those with screens like on the recently announced 4K iMac computer.

Here at Uscenes we are dedicated to creating high quality videos. The footage currently on this website is all full HD. This means it looks great on all current SMART TVs and HDTVs.

The next generation of televisions we are starting to see from manufacturers are being promoted as Ultra HD or 4K. This simply means the resolution is twice as wide.

In the image above you can see the differences, eventually we may even move up to 8K when we would use roll down screens the size of a wall. For now full HD is more than adequate for the size of TVs we use.

The SD in the image stands for Standard Definition. This is 720 x 480 pixels and was the resolution of our televisions up to around 10 years ago when HD started to become the new craze.  This is also the resolution for all DVDs. This is why we do not sell our videos on DVD, because the image would be poorer quality.

Most people currently have Full HD TVs which is 1080 x 1920. This is more than adequate for all our current screens. In fact many directors, cinematographers, videographers and other experts in the video and movie industry believe 4K is all sales hype. Many see it as as unnecessary step which manufacturers are using just to sell more television sets.

This recent CNET article makes a strong case against 4K, listing various reasons why we do not need it. The most obvious being shown in the below image which explains that we will not really benefit from 4K TVs unless they are 84 inches. Most of us sit close enough to our screens that we simply can’t tell the difference in resolution.

image credit Dennis Burger 

We will be filming our videos and screensavers in 4k

However, like I said earlier we are dedicated to top quality so we are not completely against 4K, Ultra HD. In fact we are going to be recording all future videos in 4K resolution.

After months of testing we have found time and time again that even the best full HD cameras cannot compare with the crispness and detail that a 4K camera can offer. We have been downscaling the 4K footage to 1080p to make these comparisons and the downscaled footage wins every time.

There are some 1080p cameras which can offer better “cinematic” footage, but we want detail. We want to make it look like your TV really is a fish tank, fireplace or window to a lovely scene from nature. Our emphasis is on replicating the scene as best as possible.

Filming in 4K and downscaling to 1080p is therefore our new specification for 2015. Next year we shall review how sales for 4K TVs have been going and if they are doing well we may begin offering 4K versions too. There is 4 times the amount of resolution in 4K video compared to Full HD, so files sizes will be larger, however a new video codec is on the way (h.265) which will mean smaller file sizes at some point next year.

So rest assured, you can trust Uscenes to provide you with the best quality relaxation videos and screensavers. If you wish to licence 4K footage for a commercial project, we are open to making custom videos (click here to enquire). But for home users downscaled 4k to 1080p Full HD is all you need for now.

We will probably be adding a single aquarium screensaver video soon in 4K, so stay tuned, but this may be the only one for quite some time. We just like the idea of having the first HD aquarium screensaver.

Cheapest Way To Get Videos to Loop on TV

We may of just found the cheapest possible way to get videos to loop on your TV. At £21.50 the Sumvision Micro 2 is a media player which comes with a remote control. It allows you to place a USB device inside like a USB memory stick or USB hard disk drive, or you can enter an SD card like you would use with cameras.

The device is available for $33 at the moment on Amazon.com although it looks like Sumvision have less of a presence in the States. However there are similarly priced alternatives such as the Micca Speck. Below is an image of this device. There are various similar ones to choose from.

These kinds of cheap media players will allow you to watch our relaxing videos continuously. Be sure to check that they have a repeat function before buying (they should all have this).

SMART TVs usually have their own media player but standard HDTVs and older TVs will need a device like the one you can see above in order to play downloaded videos continuously.

Another cheap option is a the Google Chromecast which plugs into the back of your TV’s usb port and HDMI port (so make sure you have these).

Finally you can go the premium route with a media streaming device like the Apple TV. This is a great option if you also want to access television services online.

Anyway, this post was about looping videos on your HDTV the cheap way. It seems that for around $40 this can easily be done. Now that we are offering our Full Collection in Full HD for just $67, you can have over 50 20 minute aquarium videos, fireplace videos and scenery videos looping on any TV you like for around $100.



Download a sample MP4 video to test on your TV

This page is out of date. Please visit our new sample clips page by clicking here for our latest formats for videos and screensavers in 4K and HD.

We often get people asking if our videos can be used in a certain way on their specific TV model. To make things easier for everyone we have made a quick demo video clip, available for you to test. If you have any problems or questions please get in touch. Read More

Loop our Relaxing Videos on any Computer Screen at any Time

Uscenes relaxing videos can be viewed on any computer at any time. If you have the means to stream to a TV from a computer, you can also view on any TV screen too. You do not need to download the video (if you have a fast internet connection).

Here’s how (using Google Chrome): Read More

Loop Videos For Google Chromecast Screensaver

How to make Google Chromecast screensavers by looping videos with the media streaming stick. It plugs into your TV and allows you to view any video content played on Google Chrome (on your computer), on your TV screen. The great news for people who love our video backgrounds and screensavers is that you can easily loop videos stored on your hard drive. This means our scenes from nature, aquariums and fireplaces can be repeated continuously as Google Chromecast screensavers.  Read More

Summer Screensavers

Best Summer Screensavers in Full HD

Summer is almost here, so what better time to look at some of our favorite summer screensavers. The below screensavers are all real life scenes, designed to give you a window to a beautiful location on your laptop or PC. They are are shot in full HD and come in both Windows and Mac versions. They also all come with a longer MP4 video version which you may be able to use on your TV screens (you will need to have a media player that you can set to loop so that they play continuously like the screensavers).
Read More

How to Make a Video Loop on Android Tablets and Phones

Our videos can be transferred to mobile phones and tablets running on Android and then used as a (manual) screensaver. To do this plug the usb cable into your computer and transfer the MP4 video file to your phone or tablet. You may need to download Android File Transfer for this if you are on a Mac. You can also transfer the files wirelessly or via Bluetooth but it will be much faster to just plug the device in with video file sizes which are large. Read More

Uscenes’ Videographers Receive Worldwide Acclaim for Short Film

The Jigsaw short film is currently doing the rounds at film festivals across the globe. The Jigsaw was written, directed and filmed by Sibling Films’ Rashad Al-Safar and Basil Al-Safar.

Basil created the very first fireplace videos featured on Uscenes.com and Rashad continues to shoot many of the best sellers on the website. They shot The Jigsaw on location in Portugal during autumn 2013. The movie stars Pedro Montepedro and Daragh O’Malley (Withnail & I). Read More

Relaxing videos to help you sleep, meditate or simply relax

We create relaxing videos designed to aid sleep, relaxation and meditation. The 20 minute MP4 video files are intended to be looped on a media player such as iTunes. They can be viewed directly on your computer or laptop screen, or streamed to your TV through a media streamer such as the Apple TV. Read More

Background Videos for a Bar or Pub

Most bars and pubs now have large widescreen televisions which are capable of screening HD video. Rather than waste this technology on daytime TV shows, which many people find annoying, you can turn your HD TV screen into something pleasant. Our background videos are shot in 1080P so they look fantastic even on the biggest screens. Read More

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just a quick post to say thanks to all the Uscenes customers that have made 2013 a great first year for us. We have sold more video screensavers than expected and really appreciate the custom. We are especially happy to see how many repeat buyers there have been. Read More

HD Video Backgrounds for Your Home and Workplace

Ever wish there was a way to transform the mood in your living room, bedroom or workplace? If so one cheap and effective solution is to make use of HD video backgrounds on your TV or computer screen.

What are video backgrounds?

They are video clips where the camera stays still, giving the impression of a window to a beautiful spot in nature. They can also be used to create a virtual aquarium or fireplace. Ours are available for download in the universal MP4 format, so they can be used on most media players. For example VLC, Realtime or Windows Media Player on your computer. Or Apple TV, Roku or WD Live boxes for your TV. Read More

How to give a video file or screensaver as a Christmas gift

Here at Uscenes we sell digital downloads. You save the video and screensaver files to your computer for usage. But that doesn’t really translate well as a physical Christmas gift. So here are some ideas on how to use our downloads as a Christmas gift. Read More

HD Desktop Wallpaper with any MP4 Video

You can easily set your desktop wallpaper to be any video. This can be done with video files in the MP4 format, which is how we sell our background videos. It should also work with any other video format.

This guide is for anyone who owns an Apple Mac computer running OS X. If you own a Windows computer the process may be slightly different. Read More

Make Your TV Screen into an Aquarium

Don’t want the hassle and expense of a real aquarium in your home? This page will show you how to set a fish tank screensaver on your TV with real aquatic life.

There is currently no such thing as video screensavers for TV, if you are thinking along the lines of a traditional computer screensaver. Instead you need to set a video to loop (repeat) manually. Products like the Apple TV have screensavers which are just collections of images, or timelapses. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy aquarium video backgrounds on your HD TV or SMART TV. Read More

Aquarium Screensavers

We at Uscenes wanted to set up a site that gives the user a great selection of aquarium screensaver downloads for everyone to enjoy. There are so many fake aquariums on the net and it seems that they dominate the search results. Along with being completely unreal, they also have often come with a proviso that you have to install some kind of toolbar with ad ware in order to download them. I always get nervous when seeing these type of downloads as I have had my computer infected by them before. The novelty of these animated fish tanks soon wears off too as there is simply no substitute for real life fish and corals on your screen. Read More

How To Make A Video Loop in iTunes for Apple TV

It is easy enough to watch our background videos on an Apple TV by placing them in iTunes. However the Apple TV does not have a loop option, so here is how to get around it. This will allow you to play a video continuously for as long as you wish. For rather static videos like aquariums and fireplaces looping is essential to achieve a continuous and seamless playback experience.

Read More

Watching an MP4 video on an Xbox 360

If you want to watch an mp4 on your Xbox 360 here is how:

Apple Mac Users

Step 1 – Getting the mp4 onto your Xbox

Add the video to a usb memory stick on your iMac or Macbook.

Next remove the memory stick from your computer and plug it into your Xbox. Read More

Best Winter Screensavers

Winter is coming and one way to make a room feel cosier is to use a video screensaver. On this page you will find my selection of the best winter screensavers for 2013.

Each of the videos shown is available as a Windows and Mac screensaver, they also all come with a 20 minute mp4 video for those who have a media player connected to their TV. Each one has a sample clip. You can use the videos below to judge for yourself on whether this really is the best selection of winter screensavers. Select 1080p from the cog icon at the bottom of the videos for best quality.


1 The very best screensaver for winter just had to be a fireplace. Fireplaces give off a warm glow and make the ideal footage for when it is cold outside. Whether you are relaxing or entertaining guests, the Brass Fireplace helps to create a cosy ambience.


  Read More

Sleeping Videos And Relaxation Video Downloads

Many people use sleeping aids to help with insomnia. Audio books and hypnosis CD’s are the most common choice but have you ever considered using a video? Research has shown that visual stimulation can be just as effective as sound for relaxation and helping people get to sleep. Have you ever noticed how watching television can make your eyes tired and help you nod off? The only problem with most television and films is that their primary purpose is to entertain you and keep you watching. Read More

Windows Screensavers and Video Backgrounds

Most screensavers are simply pictures that you set to come up on your screen when you are not using it, but as video becomes more popular people are now looking to use videos for their windows screensavers. Video backgrounds are far more appealing than pictures as a way of enhancing your computer. After all a video is simply a set of animated pictures so why not use videos as a great background for your windows screensavers. Read More

Which videos and screensavers would you like to see?

We are always looking for new ideas for screensaver videos. We are planning trips abroad for new productions, so any insight about what you would like to see would be great. If you have any requests please comment below. Read More

Download MP4 Scenery Videos and Screensavers

Update August 2017; We now offer 4K Ultra HD nature video downloads and nature screensavers.

Download Scenery Videos and Screensavers To Relax Your Body, Mind and Soul

beach video screensaverFor the average city dweller, scenery videos can be a great way to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of modern life. A scenery screensaver on your HD TV or computer screen can really help you to unwind. Let’s face it, most of us get home from work after an hour or maybe more on public transport, and if you drive to and from work it can be even more stressful. You wake up in the morning and are immediately surrounded by cars, concrete and fumes. So what chance do we really get to be in touch with nature and let our thoughts drift away? Read More

Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers

Great Places to Download Free Desktop Wallpapers

I used to download desktop wallpapers from National Geographic. However, that is no longer a magazine I support. Nowadays I use our own screensaver screenshots, or download images from social networks like Flickr, photography forums, Facebook etc… Be mindful that Facebook and others greatly reduce the quality of images, so looking for an image on a site like Flickr is going to give you higher quality images.

Read More

Music for Aquarium Videos

Great Music to Listen To With Aquarium Videos

Our aquarium videos have the sound of the tank, with gently bubbling water. This subtle soundtrack is ideal most of the time, but occasionally it is nice to listen to music to enhance the underwater mood. Below you will find a few tracks worth listening to, which sound great whilst enjoying one of our aquarium video-screensavers. I have included the Youtube clips so you can test them out for yourself before buying. The Brian Eno and Eric Serra tracks are both part of albums which are worth playing with your favourite aquarium video.

Read More

Why a Virtual Fireplace is a Great Idea

The benefits of using a virtual fireplace are many. In this post we will quickly cover some of the advantages to using a video screensaver instead of owning a real log fireplace.

You will also find some example clips which show just how realistic a virtual fireplace can be. The sample videos you will see are real recordings of fireplaces. They are filmed with high end filming equipment in 1080p HD, which basically means they look great on even the largest TV screens. Read More

Disney Dreams Video

Enjoy this HD video we have just uploaded to Youtube. It was recorded last week at Disneyland Paris. If you are considering taking the kids this should help you make the right choice- to go! Disney Dreams was certainly a highlight.

Read More

Romantic Screensavers

A romantic screensaver can really make a big difference if you are trying to set a mood. Below are my top picks from our collection of HD screensaver and video downloads.

Top 3 Romantic Screensavers

The Funky TV Fireplace is a great mood setter. This classy log fire is captured from a close distance and focuses on one log. The camera angle gives it an arty look which makes it the best romantic fireplace screensaver in my opinion. Read More

Where To Download HD Screensaver Videos For Your TV

It amazes me how slowly the TV screensaver market is moving. People are quite slow to catch on to the future, only Roku seems to offer a TV screensaver option. Screensavers are massively popular for computers and laptops, for example the word “screensaver” gets about 2 million searches per month on Google alone.

What people are slow to realise is that HD TV’s are becoming computers in their own rights. Most of the new Smart TVs have internet capabilities and it won’t be long before people are downloading and installing things right on their TV. Apple TV’s are also a fairly new way of playing media through your TV and there are a host of other media solutions like Kodi (XBMC), Roku and many more. These boxes are essentially computers connected to televisions to enable media to played on a your TV. They have easy user interfaces to allow control through a remote control to make the functionality easier than using a keyboard and mouse. Read More

Uscenes Launches with Video and Screensaver Special Offer

Uscenes is now officially open. We have been busy testing our videos and screensavers for months. Now that we have perfected our downloads we are happy to open to the public.

Introduction to Uscenes

We are a small group of avid photographers who have always leaned towards videography. Our travels have brought us into contact with some great scenery which helped us come up with the name Uscenes. We wanted other people to experience our scenic videos, so “You” became “U” to make a catchy name Uscenes. Read More

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