Vertical Video Screensaver

vertical video

Last Updated on March 10, 2023 by Uscenes

Vertical Background Video

This vertical video is 4K resolution but the aspect ratio is reversed. Instead of 16:9 normal widescreen, it is 9:16 – a vertical video. The resolution is standard 4K Ultra HD with a width of 2160 pixels and a height of 3840 pixels.

Download Portrait Background Video and Loop on Any PC Screen

Download in Full HD “Plus” or 4K UHD resolution. Great for upright screens. Think of it as a moving wallpaper video or background video for unique 9:16 aspect ratio monitors.

All media player shave a Repeat option. Just press Play and then select the Repeat option. That will make this vertical video loop continuously.

Vertical Screensaver Video

Both versions of this tall video are 20 minutes long. This way we can keep the download to around 3GB for either version (you get access to both). You can just play on your computer’s media player and let this unique video fill your tall screen.

The camera stays still, so just select the Repeat option in your media player and it will loop all day if you want. This is how to get a manual vertical screensaver video on your screen.

This is a new type of vide screensaver for Uscenes, so we are offering a full no hassle money back guarantee if you don’t like the video. Just contact us if you have any questions. It doesn’t work on Samsung Sero TVs.