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Last Updated on May 26, 2023 by Uscenes

Presenting a download of our mega popular insomnia help video. The Insomnia Key has thousands of regular users who rely on it to sleep at night. Now you can download it to use on any screen you like, with the guarantee of no ads to disrupt your falling asleep.

The purchase also comes with free unlimited streaming. Totally ad-free, branding free, no logos or text, just a pure sleep aid video with binaural audio to blend with nature scenes and sounds to make you fall asleep in 10 minutes or less (on average). Try it on YouTube below before buying.

Sleep Help Video Download

You can now download this sleep help video and use it on any screen, completely ad-free. YouTube inserts ads into the version we have uploaded there, which ruins your attempts to fall asleep. Downloading it means you can use it anywhere, anytime, without any distracting advertisements.

BONUS: when you purchase the product below, you will also be able to stream The Insomnia Key too. Just save the email confirmation and then you can return to it anytime anywhere and stream the video. Ideal if you don’t want to store it on your device.

BONUS 2: when you purchase this product, you will also receive the extended version. The longer cut is 90 minutes and can be used when you want to start watching earlier. The standard version is 30 minutes long.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Money Back Guarantee

When it comes to videos to help you fall asleep, The Insomnia Key is probably one of the best in the world. If the shorter version doesn’t work, you can switch to the extended version. Both can be downloaded and streamed an unlimited number of times. If you don’t get value from the content in this bundle, just email us at and we will process a hassle free refund.

sleep aid video
Some of the nature scenes from The Insomnia Key

Sleep Help Video FAQs

Is this sleep aid video all I need to fall asleep fast?

The Insomnia Key should be used at the end of a sleep preparation schedule. Think of it as a tool for the last few minutes, to help you nod off when your mind and body are almost read for sleeping. This sleep aid video will help you fall asleep quickly by calming your body and mind with soothing visuals and sounds.

Will my screen turn off after playing the sleep help video?

In most cases, yes your screen will automatically switch off because it will be inactive after it finishes. For example, most phones are set to automatically sleep when not in use for 10 minutes or so.

On a TV you might need to set it to switch off with the in-built timer. There is always a way to get your screen turned off after a quick Google search. You can use this video on so many different types of screen that there is too many to cover here e.g. phones, iPads, tablets, TVs, PCs, laptops, MacBooks, monitors.

Can I try before buying the sleep help video download?

Absolutely. Just watch the video uploaded to YouTube above to give it a test run. The downloadable version has the text at the start removed and of course there will be no risk of ads like you get with YouTube.

If I am still having trouble sleeping is there anything else that will help?

Yes, we have 160 relaxing videos on These are video loops, intended to be looped over and over as PC or TV screensavers. However, they are 20 minutes long, which makes them a great length of time to play without selecting Repeat as a sleep aid. Each video download is on also on YouTube, so you can sample them before downloading here.

The Insomnia Key is Full HD resolution, but 100 of our relaxation videos are 4K resolution, making them superb quality on big 4K SMART TVs. You can choose peaceful countryside scenes with trickling water sounds, cozy fireplaces, or relaxing sounds like underwater bubbles in our famous aquarium videos.

If you still need help send us a message at and Mat will be happy to advise you, if he has any insomnia tips you haven't heard of yet. We understand anxiety and insomnia, which is why we created Uscenes - to help you de-stress, relax and sleep well.

Will The Insomnia Key work on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can stream the video on all iOS devices. We actually recommend using it on a mobile device. It is ideal to use on any iOS iPhone or iPad. Plus it can be used on any Android phone or tablet. It will download on any Android device. It might not download on all iOS devices due to Apple's restrictions on downloads. If you were counting on being able to download it and it doesn't work, just let us know at and we will refund your purchase.