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Download Relaxing 4K Nature Videos and Screensavers

Perfect for UHD 4K SMART TV screens, HD TV screens and any laptop or PC monitor. Each scenic window is 20 minutes long and intended to be looped continuously on your Ultra HD TV by pressing repeat. Plus formats available for HD TV screens, PCs and laptops.

Benefits and Features of our Nature Video Downloads:

  • Pay safely and securely with Paypal or 2Checkout for debit cards and credit cards.
  • Instant access to downloads via Amazon, which guarantees fast and secure downloads
  • 20 minute 4K Ultra HD nature videos in MP4 format (for looping)
  • 20 minute 1080p Full HD nature videos in MP4 format (for looping)
  • Windows or Mac screensavers, which self-loop every 3 minutes
  • All releases with the 4K logo feature 5.1 surround sound (natural relaxing nature sounds to fit the scene).

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Get the Uscenes download bundle of relaxation videos on sale today. Featuring 70+ 4K Ultra HD aquariums, fireplaces and nature videos. Plus all of our earlier Full HD videos. Buying the Uscenes Mega Deal gives you full long-term access to download all 140 MP4 video files. An entire future-proof library of top quality relaxation videos. The perfect high-quality footage to use on a new big screen UHD SMART TV. The ultimate TV screensaver collection.

$399 $179
Full HD Uscenes Collection

This collection features long term access to every Full HD Uscenes download release up to the end of 2015. This is by far the most economical download bundle we offer saving over $1,000! It contains access to 100 video screensavers (each is 3 files = 300 total files).  Each Full HD video is 20 minutes and intended to be looped on your TV screen. The screensavers for Mac and Windows loop every 3 minutes. If you don't need the computer screensavers take a look at our MEGA DEAL with 70 Full HD videos and 50 4K videos.

$1,200 $129
Beach Sunset

Let this sunset video relax your body and mind as you escape to the beach. The mp4 video looks great on any HD TV and the included screensaver can be used on any computer.

Cliffside Beach

This beach video makes a great TV screensaver if you want a little sunshine in your home. It was filmed on the south coast of Portugal. The sea has just the right amount of waves to cover the whole shot of the sand.

Garden Waterfall

A very relaxing garden screensaver and video which features a layered waterfall above a pond. The tropical setting was captured late in the day, giving the scene a pleasing amber hue.

Marina Bay Night

Enjoy a marina bay view of one of the world’s most amazing cities at night. Dubai is home to some of the most spectacular buildings, which are light up beautifully at in the evening. The reflections from the river mimic the illuminations from the city. Luxury yachts sail up the river from the marina. This is a great 4K TV wallpaper for night-time.

Forest Spray

New and improved! Filmed in full quality 1080p HD. This water spraying into a lovely pool at the base of a waterfall is calming and very relaxing. The pool is located in a jungle setting in the north of Thailand.

Mystical Woods

Mystical Woods is a lovely relaxation video. From the shadows of a forest you have a window out to a scenic lakeside setting. Available in 4K Ultra HD or Full HD.

Cliff Sea View

A breathtaking view of a rocky shore in the Atlantic Sea, near the Mediterranean. This crystal clear Full HD video was filmed from the top of a cliff in Portugal and looks fantastic on any HD TV or computer screen.

Idyllic Beach

Can't get away for a dream holiday? If so use this relaxing beach video to transport you to a paradise island. The 4K video features a white sand beach and turquoise waters on a tropical island.

Romantic Beach

The perfect romantic video and screensaver for a special date. Filmed in 1080p HD in the Algarve, Portugal. An ideal background video for your TV or computer. Think of it as a scenic window to an ocean side view.

Firework Lake

This Full HD or Ultra HD 4K fireworks video is perfect for using as a TV wallpaper at a party such as New Years Eve or any other celebration. The amazing fireworks are colorful and explosive, with stunning reflections from the lake water. We have balanced the 5.1 surround sound to make it the perfect background audio for a special occasion.


HD and 4K Nature Videos on your TV

About our Relaxing Nature Videos

Each product gives you the choice of various files. The first file is a 20 minute Full HD or 4K nature video. Download sizes range from 600 MB to 1.2 GB for Full HD videos and 1.1-1.6 GB for 4K Ultra HD videos. Most people will download these files in around 20-30 minutes; those with slow internet connections may need the help of a download manager (see FAQ page).

Each nature video is encoded in the universal MP4 format in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) or 4K (UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels). This means they look crisp and clear even on massive Ultra HD SMART TV screens. These relaxing videos come with natural, calming sounds. They are a great way to set a relaxing atmosphere in any room or public space. The idea is to play them through a media player and set the video to repeat continuously. This way the video loops for as long as you like, creating a scenic window to a beautiful setting from nature.

HD and 4K Nature Screensavers

About our Fireplace Screensavers

The other files are a nature screensaver; a version for Windows PCs and laptops, the other for Apple Macbooks and iMacs. They are all around 3 minutes long and loop continuously until you touch your mouse, trackpad or keyboard. They are one-click installable files just like any other screensaver.

The file size for the screensavers is usually between 130 MB and 160 MB and around double this for the 4K screensavers. For most people's internet connections they will download in around 5 minutes. If you are unsure which is the right resolution for your screen please visit our samples page by clicking here.

Nature Videos for Commercial Use

License Nature Videos

Our relaxing video collection makes a great mood enhancer in health care waiting rooms, hospitality establishments and office break rooms. They are also suitable to be shown on public transport and many more different public situations. We are able to create bespoke solutions including rendering the videos in certain formats and merging or altering footage. For people who wish to use our HD and 4K nature videos publically or for any other project such as stock footage, please contact us to arrange licensing.

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