Waiting Room Videos for Dentists, Doctors, Offices etc..

We specialize in relaxation videos, which are designed to be looped on a media player all day, simply by selecting the repeat option. Mordern 4K Ultra HD SMART TVs have an in-built media player making this very easy. Either stream the videos from your computer or add to a USB stick. Our relaxing waiting room videos include aquariums, fireplaces and nature. For healthcare waiting rooms all can be used to help clients feel calm and relaxed.


Why Buy Waiting Room Video Downloads from Uscenes?

The number 1 reason to buy a waiting room video, or multiple waiting room videos from Uscenes, is because we have a strict level of quality control. We only use 2 videographers, each on separate sides of the world. They create beautiful footage which is perfect for any health care waiting room.

Many dentists and other healthcare waiting rooms traditionally have a fish tank. Our selection of Full HD and 4K Ultra HD aquarium videos are the perfect, affordable alternative. The quality is crystal clear and very close to the real thing, complete with calming sounds of underwater bubbles.

Each of our videos lasts for 20 minutes. The idea is to select the repeat option on your media player so they loop continuously. This can be done on all 4K UHD SMART TVs.

How much does it cost? This varied depending on the number of people who will see the video. For a typical small healthcare waiting room like a dentists surgery with 2 dentists, the cost of our videos is usually $399 per year. For a single video or two the price would be $199 per year, so it certainly works out better to just buy access to them all. Just get in touch and we will quickly confirm the price and set you up with easy download access.


Recommended Waiting Room Videos to Licence

Currently, the best waiting room video is to actually buy them all. Take a look by clicking here at what our full collection includes. As of February 2018 there are 65 4K Ultra HD videos for large high resolution TV screens and monitors. Plus you get access to our previous Full HD videos, which still look great on most television screens. Take a look at the promo video below:


Our waiting room videos are especially suitable for public spaces where people are waiting around and either nervous, such as at the doctor or the dentist, or bored such as waiting for someone at an office or break room. There is no

There is no limit to the types of public spaces where our videos are useful; chiropractic waiting rooms, dental, surgeries, vets, dentists waiting rooms etc.. These are places where people want to relax, so we have selected 9 videos which help to create a nice calming feeling and blended them together in a single 3 hour video.


Waiting Room TV Programming

When you gain access to our full collection, you control the programming. You could just add your favorite aquarium videos to a USB stick and let them play through continuously by selecting the Repeat All option, or set them to Random so that they shuffle order.

Maybe in winter, you will make use of our cozy fireplace videos to help your patients or employees feel a sense of warmth and well-being. Then in summer, you could create a tropical collection of white sand beaches and stunning sunsets. Waiting room programming can be fun, especially when you want to show off your favorite videos on loop.


What are the Benefits of Uscenes Waiting Room Videos?

  • Our videos stay still with the goal simply being to help people relaxing with attractive scenes.
  • Massive collection to choose from.
  • Over 70 videos are in the highest 4K resolution for Ultra HD SMART TV screens.
  • Uscenes videos help to make people feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Entertain people in boring waiting rooms with world class scenery and aquariums.
  • 3 categories: aquarium videos, nature videos and fireplace videos.
  • Reasonable file sizes (approx. 1.1GB to 1.6GB for 4K and less for HD).
  • Any videos with the 4K logo are encoded with a very relaxing 5.1 surround sound audio track. The sounds can be just as important as the footage in making people feel relaxed and happy.
  • H.265 HEVC codec for 4K UHD MP4 videos, which is compatible with 99.5% of Ultra HD TVs.

Restrictions on our videos for waiting rooms

If you have the need for a large project such as on public transport, multiple waiting rooms and screens, for example in a hospital or hotel, then we will need to create a custom quote. We have done this with massive companies like Universal Television (for the Pure Genius TV series) and Finnair for their in-flight entertainment. If so please get in touch with us and we will provide you with a custom quote. Please include the number of waiting areas and a rough idea of how many people will pass through each month. Plus how many screens you intended to use our videos on.

If you would like to test a video please click here and you will be able to download short MP4 video clips to try on your waiting room TV or monitor.

Should you require a certain format or a custom solution for your facility, we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a custom quotation. Our email address is info@uscenes.com

Some of our popular products for your business:
Rated 4.83 out of 5
$399.00 $197.00


Coral Garden

Rated 5.00 out of 5


The Ocean Tank

Rated 5.00 out of 5

The Full HD Collection mentioned above just features our first 70 videos in Full HD. It also includes access to download Windows and Mac screensaver versions, which can be very useful for offices.