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✅ Premium quality aquarium videos in crisp 4K resolution. Plus relaxing nature scenes and cozy fireplace videos.

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How to use Uscenes manual SMART TV screensavers?

Download videos to your PC – Copy to USB flash drive – Plug into TV, Press Play and Select Repeat

For our Windows 10 screensaver versions just double click to install.

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Uscenes TV screensaver review

All I can say is WOW! That is very generous of you! Uscenes has gone far above and beyond what l was even hoping for. Thank you for the great customer service and of course the great relaxation videos. You’ve just earned a long time customer.

Thanks again.

Ron / USA

I enjoy watching these 4K videos. With all the clarity and detail it’s like looking through a big digital nature window.

Although they are not automatic on the TV, it is worth the quick time it takes to start a video playing as a manual TV screensaver.

Andrew J / Canada
review Uscenes 4K screensaver

Just to say, I took a chance and purchased one of your packages. When my head is full of work stress and clutter, and when the modern materialistic world bangs on my door,  I watch one of your UHD nature videos and realise;- nothing matters to me more than inner peace. Thank you.

Jules / USA

Why Download Relaxing 4K PC and TV Screensavers from Uscenes?

  • We create 20 minute looping background videos of nature, aquariums and fireplaces. We are the leading aquarium screensaver website for Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and all other HD and 4K SMART TVs and types like OLED, QLED, LCD, Plasma, LED etc…
  • Each Uscenes screensaver video is available in a range of download formats. Choose from: 4K Ultra HD (UHD) or Full HD. Choose an MP4 video to loop, or Windows screensaver. 
  • Uscenes provides a great alternative to a real fish tank or expensive fireplace. All feature natural relaxing sounds, no music.
  • Bring nature into your home. You can use our screensavers as a nature window to stunning scenery. 

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Screensaver for TV bundle: all our MP4 videos in their highest resolution.

This collection features 100 4K videos to loop on your UHD 4K SMART TV screens. You will be given lifetime access to the video downloads. Therefore, you can just download whichever ones you are in the mood for, then return later for more relaxing video downloads.

The MEGA DEAL also includes our previous 60 Full HD videos filmed for HD TVs. This collection is also available for public use, like as waiting room videos.

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4k screensaver for tv
relaxing background videos review by Alet

My son has autism and normally takes up to 3/4 hours to go to sleep. 5 min tonight, and he was out like a light. A thanks can’t cover how happy and thankful I am tonight.

Thank you for all your lovely screensavers and MP4s. They really are calming and beautiful. I will be coming back again for more purchases soon. 

Alet / USA

Thought we’d get tired of the four aquarium videos we bought at Christmas, but it didn’t happen!

They’re beautiful. Just ordered another aquarium video and four relaxing nature videos. Very nicely done. Keep up the GREAT work!

Richard W / UK

I have to tell you the 4K videos are so beautiful, I bought the collection and burned it to a Micro SD card. My dad (91) is in Home Hospice (he is passing soon), ambulatory;

I set up a media player that plays your 4K background videos on a loop, he LOVES them. I have voice automated his environment, he tells Alexa to “play fish tank” and Alexa tells Logitech Harmony to switch the TV inputs to the media player that loops your aquarium videos.

Mom says that he is so fascinated with them and slept all night last night for the 1st time in a long time. I am going to hook up another media player and play the scenery videos on a loop, so he can enjoy them during the day.

RH Santino

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