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If you would like to license any of our videos please get in touch at . Please include an estimate of how many people you expect to view the footage and what type of establishment. We shall be in touch quickly with a quotation. Including the word “licensing” in the subject box may speed up response time.

Buy through the site for home use or get a quote for public use in healthcare waiting rooms and anywhere else. For example, we provided a video which was used on massive screens in the highly rated CBS TV series Pure Genius. We provide videos in a certain format for major airlines, who use our videos for their in-flight entertainment, to help people relax. We are also on other airlines and a massive number of waiting rooms. We also have some content on some online eastern European TV channels.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about our products. We pride ourselves on quick, efficient customer service. Please note: Our customer service manager is currently on Southeast Asian time. Therefore, please bear that in mind. Replies may not be within US working hours and he sometimes has a day off work on Sundays or when traveling.