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TV Aquarium Video and Aquarium Screensaver Collection in Full HD and 4K

"Each Aquarium Video is Filmed in High Quality Ultra HD 4K or Full HD and comes with the option of an Aquarium Screensaver"

Our Full HD and Ultra HD 4K aquarium video collection will almost make it look like you have a real fish tank in your room. These are always real fish tanks with no graphics added. Uscenes' download bundles are all encoded in full HD, so you can turn any HD TV, SMART TV, or standard television into an exotic TV fish tank for a very fair price.

Each product features a 20 minute aquarium video in the universal MP4 format. Plus the choice of a self-looping aquarium screensaver for Windows and Mac computers; all have HD screensavers and newer aquariums have 4K screensavers. Just select the loop or repeat button on your media player to watch the videos continuously.

Easy and secure payment with Paypal or 2Checkout for credit cards. Then get full, long-term access to the downloads instantly.

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Coral Garden

If you are looking for a fish tank to show on your Ultra HD TV, this 4K aquarium video is probably the best option. The vibrant colors really pop on big screens. The living coral and exotic fish make this a stunning, life-like aquarium. Watch the promo clip below (the sound has been improved since the promo clip).

Living Coral Aquarium

A fantastic reef tank to bring to your living space. The Living Coral Aquarium hosts an array of marine fish and corals that swim and sway gently through the currents, making a beautiful aquarium screensaver. This was our best selling product in 2014. Watch the promo video below before downloading to see why it is loved so much…

The Nemo Fish Tank

A fun and attractive video screensaver featuring a fish tank inspired by Finding Nemo. Includes many fish from the movie as well as attractive living coral. Can you still remember the names of the different fish?

The Ocean Tank

Ultra HD 4K shark tank with an amazing selection of underwater life. Featuring various species of sharks. Plus manta rays and many more impressive fish. Available in 4K or Full HD as a video or screensaver. One of the very best 4K fish tank videos available and certainly one of the largest: ideal as moving TV wallpaper on big screen UHD SMART TV sets.

Jellyfish Aquarium

This Ultra HD 4K jellyfish video looks stunning on large UHD TV screens. Alternatively you can download a 1080p Full HD version. There are also screensaver versions for your computer. This scene is very calming and atmospheric. Great in the daytime for kids, just as good at night when you want something to help you fall asleep.

Night Time Aquarium

A dark aquarium video screensaver that will set a moody underwater ambience in your space. This screensaver is perfect for bedrooms at night and will really help you find a state of relaxation.

Full HD Uscenes Collection

This collection features long term access to every Full HD Uscenes download release up to the end of 2015. This is by far the most economical download bundle we offer saving over $1,000! It contains access t0 100 video screensavers (each is 3 files = 300 total files).  Each Full HD video is 20 minutes and intended to be looped on your TV screen. The screensavers for Mac and Windows loop every 3 minutes. If you don’t need the computer screensavers take a look at our MEGA DEAL with 70 Full HD videos and 50 4K videos.

$1,200 $129
Widescreen Marine

A beautiful marine aquarium with real, living coral. Featuring a selection of colourful, exotic fish and shot in full HD. Our only widescreen aquarium video.

Tropical Fish Tank

A beautifully bright and colourful tropical fish tank video with neon tetras and other freshwater species. The soothing sounds of water and bubbles create a relaxing ambient screensaver to enhance your living or work space. Watch the fish tank video sample clip below…

Cichlid Aquarium

The Cichlid Aquarium is brimming with colourful fish, filmed up close. The excellent 1080p HD video quality makes it feel like you have your face pressed up against the tank. A Full HD Aquarium screensaver ideal for computers and TVs.

Amazon Aquarium

This HD Aquarium video is like being inside a subterranean jungle. The audio compliments it perfectly with the mellow sounds of underwater ripples and bubbles. Play it on a TV by looping it continuously or enjoy the screensaver on your laptop or PC. Check out the sample clip below.

Coral Reef Tank

A beautifully lit aquarium featuring a colorful coral reef, a starfish and exotic fish. A relaxing scene to watch on your computer and TV screens. Choose your option below, all are encoded in high quality Full HD.

Technicolor Tank

Make any room feel brighter with this colorful aquarium video and/or screensaver. The vivid colors and many fish will instantly add life to your home. The video was filmed in 1080p Full HD, making it suitable for large screens.

Tetra Jungle

Amaze yourself, your friends and your family with this lush jungle aquarium. The video makes a great TV screensaver on very large HDTVs as the quality and detail is excellent. There is also a download choice of Windows or Mac screensaver apps for your computers.

Angel Aquarium

Let yourself drift off with this relaxing aquarium video. The laid back Angel fish will help you to de-stress and disconnect from your work and electronic devices. Use it as your very own virtual aquarium.


Now Half Price at $149! Featuring 50 4K Ultra HD aquarium, fireplace and nature videos. Plus all 70 of our earlier Full HD videos. Buying the Uscenes Mega Deal gives you full long-term access to download all 120+ MP4 video files. An entire future-proof library of top quality relaxation videos. The perfect high-quality footage to use on a new big screen UHD TV.

$299 $149
Soft Coral Tank

Turn your TV or computer screen into an aquarium with exotic fish and real living coral. This high definition video and screen saver download will amaze your friends and family.

Dory Loves Corals

Finding Dory was a superb recent animated movie and the Blue Tang fish is so active in this aquarium that we just had to name it after her. She really makes it a great Dory screensaver available in 4K or HD. This is our tribute to a superb animated movie.

The Cavern

The Cavern is a superb underwater 4K video or screensaver. It makes a great UHD TV wallpaper, especially on massive 65 inch plus TV screens. There are also screensaver versions in 4K and Full HD. There seem to be hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish in this highly impressive video.

Malawi Aquarium

Transform your room with a virtual TV Aquarium. This video and screen saver download bundle features a lovely close up of Malawi fish. The close proximity of the camera makes them come alive, especially when viewed on a HD TV. Watch the demo below.

Green Bubble Tank

This unique aquarium video features many fish with a backdrop of green bubbles. This nightclub inspired fish tank can be enjoyed with your favourite dance music, or just relax and enjoy the sound of the bubbles.

Red Eyes

This 4K Ultra HD fish tank video is named after the beautiful red eyed fish. We have filmed this one up close, making it ideal for any size screen. Choose the 4K or Full HD version depending on your TV resolution.

Swaying Anemone

A delightful Nemo aquarium video and screensaver. Watch as  Clownfish swims in and out of their home: anemone soft coral. Full HD footage with very relaxing sounds of gentle bubbles. A great relaxation video for all ages.

Eternal Shoal

This is a mesmerising 4K fish shoal video and screensaver. The 20 minute video can be downloaded with 5.1 surround sound- a calming sound of underwater bubbles. This circular fish tank features a large amount of silver fish swimming round and round.

Oriental Garden

Turn your TV or computer monitor into an impressive oriental themed fish tank with this video. Oriental Garden features a range of fish and props inspired by Japan and China. The 5.1 surround sound will make you feel relaxed. Take a look at the sample clip below then choose your download option.

Underwater Forest

Our first 4K Ultra HD aquarium video is perfect for the biggest Ultra HD  TV screens. The large fish tank is filmed in amazing detail. You can also choose a Full HD version if you have not upgraded your TV yet. There are also computer screensaver versions which loop automatically.

Multi Clownfish

If you or your children love Finding Nemo, you will be delighted with this Clownfish screensaver. There are lots of colorful Clownfish in this 4K Nemo screensaver. The large fish tank features a variety of living coral including the Clownfish related Anemone, with flowing tentacles. Choose your resolution (4K or Full HD) and format (MP4 video, Windows or Mac screensaver) below:

Deep Sea Aquarium

Enjoy your very own 4K virtual aquarium on your UHD TV or UHD monitor. You can also download the video or screensaver in Full HD. When you buy from Uscenes you pay securely with Paypal and get instant access to the downloads via Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront, for quick and secure downloads.

Parrot Fish

A lovely 4K Ultra HD video starring happy parrot fish. These friendly fishes are great to watch, the sounds are relaxing and the video quality is superb. This video is a great virtual aquarium on any TV or PC screen.

Aztec Eels

This 4K eels aquarium video is very atmospheric. The large moray eels fill this aztec themed tank with matching spotted fish. Aztec Eels is full of life and suitable for any size screen. Choose your resolution and format below.

Copper Fish Tank

Sit back, relax and enjoy this HD aquarium. The copper colored fish are on the hunt for food in this screensaver and video download. Choose your version below and view the demo clip.

Aztec Aquarium

Fans of big fish tanks with cool designs will love this sci-fi inspired aquarium filmed in 4K Ultra HD. It comes with relaxing 5.1 surround sound and can be downloaded in a variety of formats and resolutions, see below:

Piranha Tank

This 4K Piranha tank is our most eerie aquarium video yet. These man eating fish seem to be in an underwater horror movie set. The haunting 5.1 surround sound audio track adds to the uneasy feeling. This is the perfect PC or TV screensaver for Halloween, or fans or horror movies.

Water Mill Aquarium

Sit back and relax as the sound of water bubbles flow out of the mill in this Japanese inspired zen aquarium. Let the relaxing sounds and imagery make your troubles disperse, just like the bubbles.

The Toilet Tank

Can you watch The Toilet Tank without laughing or at least smiling? Give it a try with the preview clip below. This funny video screensaver can be played on any TV or computer screen. It is filmed in high definition and is sure to lighten the mood in any room.

Ornamental Aquarium

Do you want a relaxing aquarium video on your 4K UHD SMART TV? If so then download this 4K virtual aquarium and you will instantly have a stunning large fish tank in your home. Best viewed on new UHD SMART TVs with big screens. Also available for smaller screens and computers.

Zen Aquarium

A very calming 4K zen video which makes the perfect companion if you want to relax. The subtle sounds of gently moving water adds a peaceful feeling to any room. Zen Aquarium features a seahorse, unique vertical fish and a high quality, warm colored fish tank. See the whole video below and then choose your preferred format and resolution.

Yellow Cup Coral

Yellow Cup Coral makes a great 4K aquarium screensaver for smaller screens because it is a close up shot. The attractive living corals have many fishes swimming by. There is a relaxing audio track in 5.1 surround sound. The screensavers are for Windows or Mac and loop automatically every 3 minutes. The video versions are 20 minutes and intended to be played on a media player with Repeat selected.

The Secret Doors

If you are looking for a relaxing aquarium screensaver in 4K or HD, this is ideal. The slow moving fish, calming surround sound audio of underwater bubbles, and dark colors will help you relax, meditate or even fall asleep.


More about our Fish Tank Videos

A Stunning TV Fish Tank Video Will Make your Friends Say "Wow"

TV aquarium screensaverHave you ever wanted a beautiful marine or tropical fish tank in your living room? Were you discouraged by the enormous cost and effort required to clean them?

Our quality fish tank video screensaver collection is the ideal solution. For a small fee you can download various versions of each product; a Windows screensaver, Mac screensaver and a full 20 minute fish tank TV version. You can then transform your screen into stunning virtual aquariums for a fair price.

How our aquarium videos and screensavers work

How does an aquarium screensaver work?

When you buy any of our quality products you get instant access to your downloads. Two options are just like any other screensaver. With just one click they install and take over from your computer or laptop's existing screensaver. Then all you need to do is set how long you would like them to appear when not using your computer. The Mac ones also gives you the option to change the volume. They are around 3 minutes long and will loop continuously until you touch your mouse, trackpad or keyboard again.

The third file is a 20 minute video in the universal MP4 format. Some TVs can play these files from a USB drive (all Samsung SMART TVs can). For most people we recommend streaming the video through a media streaming device such as the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Then the videos can be set to loop by playing them through a media player such as iTunes. Or you can simply plug your computer into your TV or get a small media player box and plug in a hard drive, USB stick or SD card. Our footage ass always been shot in 1080p full HD (high definition) and new releases are filmed in 4K Ultra HD. This means your aquarium TV will always look amazing, even on the largest UHD TV, HDTV and SMART TV screens.

Uses and our most popular video

Popular uses for our HD and 4K Aquarium Video Screensavers

These downloads are the perfect use of your TV and computer screens when not working or watching something. They have relaxing sounds which help to create a soothing ambience in any room. They can help you unwind after a long hard day at work. They can set a pleasant atmosphere at a dinner party. Think of them as a TV aquarium or virtual fish tank.

They are also a great alternative to TV shows in waiting rooms, restaurants and other establishments. We even have 10 of our videos playing on Emirates Airlines flights! You can trust in the quality that Uscenes offers. Please contact us for licensing information when showing to more than a few people in a room at once. Turn your television into an aquarium TV now.

Our most popular aquarium video...

When viewing our sample clips please press play then click on the cog/wheel icon and select 1080p for the best quality (full HD), or 2160 4K for new releases if you have a UHD screen. You can then click the bottom right button to go full screen. The downloaded versions are free from any branding.

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