Free Windows 10 Screensaver

Free Screensaver for Windows 10

Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by Uscenes

We are giving away a 100% no strings attached Windows 10 Screensaver of one of our favorite aquarium videos. The self looping 3 minute video works just like any other Windows screen saver. We aren’t collecting your contact information or anything.

Why Give Away a Free Windows 10 Screensaver?

This is a simple giveaway in the hope that you will like it so much you will come back to in future to buy more Windows screensavers (we also offer longer video versions to use like manual TV screensavers).

After Downloading Your Free Aquarium Screensaver for Windows 10

Please bookmark so that you can come back to browse our Windows screensavers in future. And don’t forget, we also have MP4 video versions to use as TV screensavers.

You may want to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have promo clips of all our 150+ TV and Windows screensavers. Some of our videos have had as many as 7+ million views.

Finally… we have now made our very effective sleep aid video available for download. It has amassed over 5 million views on YouTube.