FREE LG TV Screensaver

Free LG TV Screensaver

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by Uscenes

Download Free LG SMART TV Screensaver in Full HD

This is a 100% free screensaver for LG SMART TV screens. There is no catch. We simply want to give you a free taste of a Uscenes video screensaver. The download is an MP4 video file in FHD 1080p resolution. No software, no signing up for an email list, just a free video for you to enjoy as a TV screensaver. Our only other free video is The Insomnia Key, enjoyed by millions on YouTube. We recently made that sleep aid video available for download too.

Preview Your Video Screensaver Below:

Please be sure to select the settings icon and select 1080p for the correct resolution. This download is Full HD and 4 times smaller than the full 4K version, but it will still look great on all LG TVs. If you have an extra large TV you may want to purchase the full length 4K version in future (this is why we are giving it away for free).

How to use my new LG SMART TV screensaver?

  • Download the video file to any computer or Android device.
  • Then copy the file to a USB flash drive (any USB stick will work).
  • Next plug the USB drive into your LG SMART TV.
  • If the TV is on you should see a prompt asking if you want to watch the video. If not, just go to Devices and select USB, then select the video.
  • Press Play.
  • Also press Repeat so that the video will seamlessly loop for as long as you want.

The above instructions are fast and easy after you have done it once. It is the best way to get a screensaver video on your LG SMART TV. The file size is just 146MB, so it is also easy to stream the video to your TV from any device.

What if I want more screensavers? Like aquariums, fireplaces and more?

We are giving this one to you for free in the hope that some of you will return to in future to buy more screensavers for your LG TV.

We have 100 4K videos you can use as manual screensavers on any TV or PC screen. We also have 50 older ones in Full HD resolution. Just click on the categories above to see them all. Each video has it’s own page with a clip of the video to watch.

You can buy Uscenes screensavers individually, or get the Mega Deal to buy them all for an amazing price.