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4K Fireplace Video Downloads and Fireplace Screensaver Downloads

"Turn your TV or PC into a Virtual Fireplace"

Uscenes fireplace videos are the perfect way to make a room feel cozy. Avoid the expense and hassle of a real fireplace with an Ultra HD 4K fireplace video (also Full HD). Perfect for romantic nights, dinner parties or simply to give your room a warm, glowing ambiance.

Each download product includes the choice of a loopable 20 minute TV fireplace video and the choice of a Windows and Mac fireplace screensaver. Most are filmed in 4K Ultra HD, which means they look great on any size screen. Our first 60 videos are in Full HD and the new releases also have HD versions. The fireplace screensavers automatically loop and the videos can easily be set to loop on a UHD TV, HD TV or SMART TV.

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Close Up Fireplace

Download this fireplace screensaver and video if you want a truly warming and cozy effect in any room. The crisp HD footage looks just as good on a 50 inch screen as it does on a high quality computer monitor.

The FuNkY TV Fireplace

This fire screensaver is chic, classy and elegant. Deep colours and soothing flames make this a great background video when entertaining or enhancing the mood. It brings warmth and style to any room. Ideal for large TVs or laptop screens. Watch the sample below…

White Log Fireplace

The burning embers in this video and screensaver bundle should remind you of snowy winter days. The orange glow from within has a warming effect on rooms. Encoded in 1080p, full HD glory for great picture quality.

Stone Fireplace

A bright and airy virtual fireplace with quick burning old logs. Ideal for use as a morning PC or TV screensaver. The natural stone sides help to give this fire video a more summery ambience.

Christmas Fireplace

4K Christmas Fireplace Video Screensaver is ideal for any screen in your home on Xmas Day. Choose an Ultra HD MP4 video, Full HD MP4 video, Ultra HD Windows screensaver, Ultra HD Mac screensaver and either screensaver in Full HD too. Download your very own Christmas virtual fireplace below.

Rustic Wood Burner

Warm yourself up this winter with this cozy 4K fireplace screensaver video. We filmed this fireplace in 4K Ultra HD resolution, which produces a fireplace which looks almost as good as the real thing. Great for Christmas Day!

Black Logs

Use this fireplace video and screensaver as a sleep aid, or simply to help you relax and unwind after a long day. The calming background sound of the burning logs will help you forget about your worries as you visualise being warmed by a real log fire.

Campfire Video

Enjoy an outdoor fireplace filmed in Ultra HD in the tropics of South East Asia. The subtle sounds of nature and crackling flames are very quiet and relaxing. This is the perfect video screensaver to use when you want to set a cozy ambience in your room at night.

Virtual Fireplace

Download this 4K Virtual Fireplace to transform your big screen Ultra HD TV into a lovely warming virtual fireplace. Also available as a computer screensaver and in Full HD resolution.

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