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4K Backgrounds to use as UHD SMART TV video screensavers

The 20 minute 4K MP4 videos are around 1.1 to 1.5 GB in size. All 4K backgrounds have relaxing 5.1 surround sound audio. The camera never moves to give you the effect of having a virtual fireplace, TV aquarium or scenic nature window. The idea is to simply add the MP4 4K backgrounds to a USB memory stick, plug into your Ultra HD TV and then select Repeat so that it loops as long as you wish. Or use a streaming device.

You can pay with the very safe and secure PayPal. Alternatively PayTabs for credit cards and debit cards. Then get instant access to your downloads, with fast and secure downloads courtesy of Amazon.

Amazing Quality TV Wallpaper for 4K SMART TVs of any size

Our 4K videos offer unparalleled quality. On large high-resolution Ultra HD TV screens, the videos look stunning. We have taken every measure to ensure our videos are the very highest quality and as life-like as possible. We want it to really look like you have an aquarium, fireplace or scenic window to a beautiful relaxing setting from nature in your room.

4K Screensaver versions for your Windows and Mac computers

Our 4K videos are also made into 4K screensavers for PCs and laptops running Windows or Apple's Mac OS. The 4K screensaver versions are install-able apps.

NOTE: Our Mac screensavers only work with older versions of Apple Mac OS. If you have updated to the latest version of Mojave our screensavers will no longer work.

Each 4K Screensaver is 3 minutes long and they self loop automatically. That means you just set the time for when one will begin after you stop touching your computer, then it will play all day if you don't touch it again. You can make them play instantly by selecting Preview.

Our UHD screensavers have support for multiple monitors, you can choose which monitors to mirror the video on. You can also change the volume independent of your systems volume. You also get an Ultra HD resolution size screenshot image option to set as your desktop wallpaper.

Lots more 4K video screensavers coming soon...

  • 4K Aquarium Videos
  • 4K Fireplace Videos
  • 4K Nature Videos

What Makes Our 4K Relaxing Videos So Good?

Our 4K relaxation videos are encoded as MP4 files in UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). The videos and screensavers are 4 times the resolution of Full HD, which means they contain amazing detail. This is most noticeable on large 4K UHD TVs. We recommend only purchasing the 4K videos if you have a UHD, Ultra HD, 4K TV or monitor. Here is our most popular PC and TV 4K aquarium. Before we added a more relaxing 5:1 surround sound audio track, the video had well over 5 million views on YouTube (see 4K Aquarium ):

How to watch the 4K TV Wallpaper downloads from Uscenes

Our MP4 4K Videos for SMART TVs can be played from a USB memory stick. All modern Ultra HD SMART TVs from brands such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG will also work. If unsure click here to visit our samples page where you can download a free test clip to try our 4K backgrounds.

Please note: all our relaxing videos are downloads in the MP4 video format. They are encoded using the latest compression algorithm with the H.265 HEVC codec. This is compatible with 99% of 4K UHD SMART TVs from Samsung and all the other top brands.

Ultra HD 4K Backrounds for Windows Laptops and PCs

Our 4K backgrounds, or video Screensavers, or video background loops (or whatever you want to call them) come with the option of downloading 4K screensaver versions too. The video screensavers work just like any other screensaver on your Windows PCs and laptops, or Apple Mac OS X Macbook or iMac (they do not work on the latest version of Mac OS Mojave). The 4K screensavers sometimes playback more smoothly than the MP4 videos on computers, but they may not work on very old computers. Just visit our free demo clips page if you want to try before you buy a 4K screensaver download.

NOTE: Our screensavers only worth with older versions of Apple Mac OS. If you have updated to the latest version of Mojave our screensavers will no longer work. Our Windows screensavers work fine as always.

Download 4K Video Screensavers to use as Ultra HD SMART TV Wallpaper and High Resolution Monitors

The new LED, LCD, Plasma and OLED 4K SMART TV screens are a match made in heaven for our 4K Ultra HD video downloads. When you are not watching TV; use our videos as 4K TV wallpaper or scenic window to a lovely spot in nature. Perfect if you own The Frame (Samsung) to use as moving wall art. Having a lovely aquarium on a big screen in such high resolution is very impressive and extremely life-like. For winter a 4K fireplace is perfect to help you feel warmer with a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

If you want a whole library of 4K nature videos take a look at our MEGA DEAL for the best value, which is currently on sale. This way you can get a massive library of Ultra HD content and can pick a new download anytime you like. Just add your downloads to a simple USB flash drive and watch on any Ultra HD SMART TV you own. Alternatively, there are a growing number of video streaming devices with looping options (Repeat button).

All purchases give you lifetime access to your downloads, so you can always return to re-download videos. If you buy a small number of videos, then get the MEGA DEAL later, we will be happy to give you store credit for 4K screensavers, just let us know. We are always heppy to help and answer any questions. If you want to use our videos in public, such as a waiting room, contact us for licencing.