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Soothing Fireplace

Soothing Fireplace

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This virtual fireplace is almost as good as the real thing. Filmed in Full HD and with real burning logs, the Soothing Fireplace sets a great ambiance in your home. Download options include a 20 minute video and self looping screensaver for Windows or Mac.

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If you are looking to download a virtual fireplace, then look no further. This one is shot head-on in front of 3 flaming logs. The amber flames perfectly cascade towards the middle of the video. There is no frame around the hearth in the footage, this video was intended to give you as much fire as possible.

Soothing Fireplace looks great on any TV screen and will have visitors second guessing when they first see it, because they really will think you have a roaring log fire in your room. Try before you buy with the sample clip above and select 1080p for the best quality. When you buy this download you will get instant access to a 20 minute mp4 video version, plus a screensaver for Windows computers and one for Macs.

Reviews (2)
5.00 out of 5

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    Amazing quality

  2. 5 out of 5


    My husband loves this (as do I), really relaxes him after a long day at work.

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    Answered by the admin Hi Ron, the files cannot be downloaded as MP3 files. MP3 is just for audio files. You can use our videos on any non SMART TV (old TVs) by plugging in an external media player box. These can be found on sites like Amazon and they are cheap. Here is an example for Full HD videos: http://amzn.to/2A6YaEp or for 4K UHD videos: http://amzn.to/2At2LVu

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More about this download

The story behind this virtual fireplace

This is one of the first videos I shot of my fireplace. The idea was to neatly stack a few well formed logs. Then move them into position so that the flames peaked in the middle. I used my poker to position the embers which had been burning for some time. Then added the 3 logs. Once I had the flames exactly how I envisioned the camera was set up on the tripod as close as possible.

I wanted the flames to really fill the screen. As soon as they got going I began to film. The finished result was just as I'd hoped. The fire is a nice amber color which fills your TV or computer screen. The colors are lighter than with some other fireplaces, which makes this a good daytime option. I played it on Christmas day last year and it really worked well.

We had 8 over for Christmas dinner and the Soothing Fireplace stayed on for most of the day. After eating and having a few drinks, a couple of the guests nodded off whilst watching the TV, as if it was a real fire. It was probably around this time that I decided these videos were good enough to make publicly available.

Some of our other options in the Fireplace downloads category are more suitable for night time. This one works great in the day too because of the clear, centered flames and slightly lighter colors. It seems to combine the warmth these videos always bring to a room, with a soothing and almost upbeat ambiance. Is this the download you would use on Christmas day too?


Video and Screensaver Information:

  • Full HD MP4 videos are approx. 20 minute 1080p footage suitable for all TV screens. Approx. 500 MB to 1.3 GB download. We use the H.264 codec which allows us to compress the files to a manageable download size, whilst maintaining excellent quality.
  • 4K Ultra HD MP4 videos are around 1.2-1.6 GB for UHD televisions. We have encoded these videos in the superior H.265 (HEVC) codec, which means faster download speeds. 
  • The computer screensavers are self looping 3 minute versions in Full HD for Windows and Mac PCs and laptops (approx. 100 MB to 230 MB).  The 4K Ultra HD screensavers are also 3 minutes and loop automatically (approx. 200 MB to 350 MB) . 

Some of the MP4 videos are looped to make up the 20 minutes.

For more technical information see our FAQ page, or Blog for help with media players.

Please note: our products are all virtual, downloadable files. We do not sell DVDs or Blu-rays.

If you are unsure if your devices can play our formats; please click here to try quick samples. 

Mobile version: Enabled

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