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Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace


A bright and airy virtual fireplace with quick burning old logs. Ideal for use as a morning PC or TV screensaver. The natural stone sides help to give this fire video a more summery ambience.

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A bright log fire framed by solid yellow bricks and natural stone walling blocks. If you want the pleasant ambiance our fire downloads bring, but with a lighter touch, you can’t go wrong with this fireplace. There are also screensaver version of the video. Which means you can enjoy this download on any computer or laptop, whether they have the Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X operating systems.

Plus you can use the full 20 minute MP$ video on any TV, SMART TV and HD TVs. Give it a try by watching the sample clip above and be sure to select 1080p to experience the best quality. The idea with our fireplace videos is to make them into a virtual fireplace by pressing the repeat button. This loops the fireplace continuously, creating the next best thing to a real fireplace.

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More about this download

Background to this HD video and screensaver fireplace

A few months back I visited an old school friend who has moved down to Devon in the South of England. It is a lovely area and he has a wonderful house in the countryside. Carl is an architect and built his own house, the common theme is merging natural stone with modern comforts. The fireplace is neatly fitted into his living room. I had hoped to record it from further away, however that would of compromised the size of the flames. I settled with a fairly close up shot which managed to keep some of the stone blocks in view.

Carl took me out to his wood shed to collect some logs. I spotted some well aged pieces and decided they would be the stars of the show in this video. We took the wood inside and got things started. Well aged wood stored in a dry shed soon gets going, so I was able to get my camera and tripod set up quickly. It was a fairly bright spring day so I didn't need to make many adjustments for the lighting.

I suggested Carl leave the room for a while and thankfully he agreed. It is essential to have no man-made noise in these videos, one little footstep would render the recording useless. It can be a little awkward to ask someone to leave the room in their own home, but Carl was cool and said he would catch up on a little gardening. I pulled up a stool to the tripod and got comfortable because I wouldn't be able to move at all during the recording. Then I started to roll.

The video was completed in 20 minutes (we always film at this length to keep the file size down for downloading). The end result is a quite unique video and screensaver. Fireplace recordings are often fairly similar so it was great to add one with natural stone sidings. Also the well aged wood logs burned faster than normal timber. The result is a more aggressive than usual fire, especially in terms of the sounds. You can really hear the flames roar away as the fire bellows up the chimney.

This is probably my favourite fire screensaver to play in the morning, the sound of the rushing flames is like a minor pick-me-up which I often have on whilst drinking my morning coffee.


Video and Screensaver Information:

  • Full HD MP4 videos are approx. 20 minute 1080p footage suitable for all TV screens. Approx. 500 MB to 1.3 GB download. We use the H.264 codec which allows us to compress the files to a manageable download size, whilst maintaining excellent quality.
  • 4K Ultra HD MP4 videos are around 1.2-1.6 GB for UHD televisions. We have encoded these videos in the superior H.265 (HEVC) codec, which means faster download speeds. 
  • The computer screensavers are self looping 3 minute versions in Full HD for Windows and Mac PCs and laptops (approx. 100 MB to 230 MB).  The 4K Ultra HD screensavers are also 3 minutes and loop automatically (approx. 200 MB to 350 MB) . 

Some of the MP4 videos are looped to make up the 20 minutes.

For more technical information see our FAQ page, or Blog for help with media players.

Please note: our products are all virtual, downloadable files. We do not sell DVDs or Blu-rays.

If you are unsure if your devices can play our formats; please click here to try quick samples. 

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