Apple Mac Screensavers Update

Last Updated on April 26, 2019 by Uscenes

Unfortunately Apple has recently released a new update for Mac OS. This is affecting a small number of MacBook and iMac users as it has broken our screensavers. We feel bad about your inconvenience, but it is out of our hands. Apple has released updates before, forcing us to remake screensavers. However, this time we would need to pay for 3 separate screensaver software programs and remake every screensaver on the website twice. The cost and time it would take is prohibitive. There would need to be 780 screensavers (this includes the ones already there), which would take forever to create. It would also make the product pages very complicated having so many options, it would be too confusing for many people, especially those abroad who rely on Google Translate. Plus, Apple is likely to continue releasing screensaver breaking updates.

If you have been affected by this please contact us and tell us which version of Mac OS you are using. We are offering refunds or the MP4 video download to new customers. For old customers all we can offer is the MP4 video used to make a screensaver. At least this way you can use it as a manual screensaver occasionally. To use the videos on your MacBook just double click them to play and then select the Repeat option to loop them. We are still waiting for confirmation on how many people have been affected. So far it seems to be a very small number of people. We will be keeping an eye on future Apple updates. At this moment in time it doesn’t look good for many Mac users in the long term wanting screensavers and if we get enough reports of them failing they will all be pulled from the website.

Our relaxing 4K videos still work great on MacBooks and especially large iMac screens. They can be played like any other video and with the repeat option selected they make great background videos. These are standard MP4 files which Apple support and will always continue to support, as we use the industry standard video codecs for HD and UHD videos. Hopefully, Apple will release a future update which allows us to stick with a single version of the Mac screensavers. For now if your device won’t play our screensavers you can use the more expensive, but much longer videos instead as “manual screensavers”. Click here if you are a new customer and wish to test our Mac screensavers on your computer before buying.