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Last Updated on December 16, 2020 by Uscenes

Uscenes is now officially open. We have been busy testing our videos and screensavers for months. Now that we have perfected our downloads we are happy to open to the public.

Introduction to Uscenes

We are a small group of avid photographers who have always leaned towards videography. Our travels have brought us into contact with some great scenery which helped us come up with the name Uscenes. We wanted other people to experience our scenic videos, so “You” became “U” to make a catchy name Uscenes.

2020 Xmas Update: Mega Deal Sale on all our videos at

The idea for turning these videos into products came from Michael’s decision to sell a fireplace video a few years ago. They sold like hot cakes in winter but he never really had the time to set up the website and everything else. One day we decided to really make a go of it and our mission was (and still is):

to create the premier website offering HD videos and screensavers of real life scenes

What does Uscenes offer?

We decided to keep things simple by offering the 20 minute video and 3 minute looping screensaver as a single digital download. Also we are keeping all products at the same low price. The video files are in the universal MP4 format, so that they work on most devices. The screensavers come in two versions, one for Macs and one for Windows computers.

What does the future hold for Uscenes?

Our plan is to release one new product every week. These will all come under one of the three categories of Earth, Fire and Water. We plan to re-invest any profits into extra camera lenses and other photographic equipment. Hopefully we can make the site such a success that it helps to fund trips, so that we can film ever more exotic and interesting locations.

Next for Uscenes is a trip to Paris for Michael. Hopefully he will come back with a couple of  awesome videos. If you have any ideas for future videos please comment below, we would love to hear your input.

The Uscenes Launch Offer

To kick things off we are offering a buy 2 get one free deal on all of our downloads. Simply add any 3 products to your cart and it will automatically adjust to the cost of 2 when you enter the coupon code uscenes into the checkout page. You can repeat the offer as many times as you like with separate orders of 3 downloads.

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