Why a Virtual Fireplace is a Great Idea

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Last Updated on April 3, 2015 by Michael Lloyd

The benefits of using a virtual fireplace are many. In this post we will quickly cover some of the advantages to using a video screensaver instead of owning a real log fireplace.

You will also find some example clips which show just how realistic a virtual fireplace can be. The sample videos you will see are real recordings of fireplaces. They are filmed with high end filming equipment in 1080p HD, which basically means they look great on even the largest TV screens.

A Virtual Fireplace Costs a Fraction of the Price

Installing a real fireplace in your home is quite a large undertaking. You will most likely need to have some major building work done at great expense. If your chimney has not been in use there will likely be ventilation issues which can really add to the costs. We are probably talking well over a thousand dollars, at the minimum. In comparison a video screensaver download costs under $5.


Lighting a real log fire is a serious undertaking. You need to have your wits about you at all times. If there are children in the house you will need to take extra precautions by keeping an eye on them and possibly using a grill to keep them away. These grills are not attractive and make lighting a fire a far less pleasurable experience with young children.



Do you really fancy trudging out to the wood storage on a winters night to get some logs? Or would you rather just click on the remote and have instant flames? It goes without saying that a virtual fireplace is far more convenient. They can also be used on any TV or computer screen in any room of the house. There is non of the buying and storing of fuel and cleaning up of ash afterwards too.


You don’t need to settle for one mantle. You can download a virtual fireplace with a stone mantle place, another with a brass frame etc… Even if you downloaded 20 different video screensavers, you’d still be nowhere near the cost of the real thing.

A new way to make use of your new HD TV

The latest televisions are amazing creations, capable of displaying high quality video and producing life-like sound. You don’t want to stare at the thing too much though. It is important to disconnect and do “real” things like reading and talking.

A virtual fireplace is supposed to be on in the background to help set a pleasant ambience in a room. They are a great tool for encouraging kids to watch less TV or play computer games. They can be used to set a cozy atmosphere with a loved one. They make a room feel alive and warmer for get togethers.

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