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Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by Uscenes

Download aquarium screensavers for PC or TV screens here. Instant access to download many different types of aquarium screensavers. Read on to view our most popular aquarium inspired by Finding Nemo…

Should I get a Free Aquarium Screensaver?

There are a number of free aquarium screensaver downloads online. They cost nothing and that is where the benefits stop. The negatives to downloading free aquarium screensavers are many and sometimes serious.

Disadvantages to using a aquarium screensaver downloaded for free:

  • They are extremely short loops. This means you get videos just a couple of seconds long repeating over and over. It doesn’t look good if there are many fish.
  • They are very low resolution, so they usually look bad on all but the smallest laptops.
  • Free screensavers usually come as part of dodgy software, which may harm your PC, pollute it with unwanted ads, or spy on your data.
  • There is probably a hidden catch. Ever heard of the saying “nothing in life comes for free“? Well, aquarium screensavers that are free are no different. If there isn’t dangerous or invasive software involved, you will at least be signing up to a spam mailing list.

Still want a free desktop aquarium screensaver? Or do you want to pay just $5 for a high quality aquarium from Uscenes? With peace of mind.

Advantages of paying a small fee for your aquarium screensaver download:

  • Uscenes is 100% spam free. We don’t even have a mailing list for emails. You get one email with your download link in and that’s it. You will never hear from us again. And we certainly wouldn’t dream of selling your email to others, like a free service almost certainly would.
  • We film all our own content. That means you are 100% following the law and not using footage which may have been swiped off someone else.
  • We film in high definition. Our straightforward pricing is $5 for Full HD aquarium screensavers, or $7 for 4K aquarium screensavers. Each one is 3 minutes long and self loops for as long as you are not using your PC.
  • Our software is simple one click install and 100% safe. We started out in 2013 and haven’t had a single security issue with our screensaver programs. They are hosted on Amazon’s Web Servers and 100% safe from spyware, malware, viruses etc..
  • Uscenes screensavers work just like other screensavers. You can switch in the usual Windows Screen Saver section of your PC’s Control Panel. You set the idle time for the screensaver to begin, just like any other screensaver. But ours have some advanced features
  • Our screensavers have nice relaxing underwater sounds. Surround sound audio for those of you with good speakers. Plus you can mute the volume or change it independently to your PC’s master volume. Our aquarium screensavers also support multiple monitors. You can choose which screens to mirror the fish tank video on. And finally, you get the option to set a screenshot photo as your desktop wallpaper.

Surely all those benefits outweigh the disadvantages to downloading dodgy free fish tank screensavers elsewhere? Especially as our prices are so low!

The best aquarium screensaver in the world?

Want to download the best aquarium screensaver in the world?

One that has been featured in the first class lounge of Emirates Airlines (the world’s top airline most years).

One that has been viewed on Youtube over 7 million times (and that version has advertising text all over it!).

Yes, our number 1 best aquarium screensaver has been sold thousands of times on this website. People can’t get enough of Coral Garden. Check it out in the video below:

Coral Garden is our bestselling aquarium screensaver of all time. Click here to see the original version with over 7 million views on YouTube.

If you want to buy Coral Garden to set as your Windows screensaver click here: 4K aquarium screensaver.

But don’t stop here. We have many more recordings of beautiful fish tanks from all over the world. Want sharks? Like manta rays? Want more big fish in a world class aquarium? If so, take a look at the stunning The Ocean Tank.

This is an awesome tropical screensaver for big screens and high resolution monitors. This one is definitely worth paying the extra $2 for the 4K Ultra HD version. It looks stunning on the biggest screens. You could even stream it to your big screen TV, (or we also have MP4 video versions just for TV screens).

Download The Ocean Tank at: 4K Fish Tank.

We have a quick free version of this one so you can see the quality of our videos. Click here to try before buying.

We have different types of aquariums including tropical, marine freshwater and saltwater. The next link below will show you our full selection, so you can choose the right fish tank for your living room, bedroom or home office.

Download Aquarium Screensaver Videos for any Windows Computer for $5-7

We could go on listing all-sorts of cool fish tanks we have filmed. Probably best if you explore yourself by clicking here: Aquarium Screensavers.

aquarium screensaver downloads
Download Full HD or 4K. Click image for our top 10 best aquarium screensavers.

When you download from us you get a quick, clean and safe shopping experience. No hassles: easy pay with PayPal or a card. Then you get instant access to get your download immediately from Amazon’s Web Servers. We send you a single one-off order confirmation email with your download link in. Plus you can come back anytime to re-download your screensaver here at .

It is extremely rare that anyone has any questions or issues, but please don’t be afraid to email us at if you want to discuss anything. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, so even if you are not tech savvy, we will spend the time to help you get set up.

Benefits to using Uscenes aquarium screensaver videos:

  • These are all actual video recordings, no animation or special effects. Filmed with high-end cameras.
  • It is the next best thing to owning a real fish tank. Plus they are so cheap that you can change depending on what kind of fish tank you are in the mood for.
  • The audio is natural as recorded on our older pre-2015 aquariums. On those made since 2015 we use surround sound audio tracks made from various audio files e.g. bubbles, underwater ambience, tricking water.
  • Uscenes screensavers are all made with relaxation in mind. This means calming audio and the camera stays still. This results in loop points that you only notice if you are specifically looking out for them.
  • We offer download bundles if you want a selection. This starts with our top 10 best aquarium screensavers, then there is the Full HD collection, then we have the Mega Deal, which has all our video screensavers, including nature scenes and fireplaces. Just get in touch if you want to buy in bulk but these options don’t cover it and we will be happy to give you a solution.
  • For public use we also have fair pricing. Just get in touch to request a quote if you want to use our videos in a public setting.

Jellyfish Aquarium Screensaver

Finally we would liek to show you one of our jellyfish aquarium screensavers. Ones like this and The Ocean Tank were filmed at world class aquariums. But we owned some of our screensavers, such as Coral Garden above. We have even filmed in pet shops. This means we have a big variety from all types of locations where fish tanks can be seen.

Jellyfish Aquarium has actually been used in Hollywood. It was blown up to be the size of a wall in a CBS TV show. Just goes to show that our footage is such high quality that it looks great on even the biggest PC and TV screens. For laptops you should find the $5 HD aquarium screensavers are perfectly fine. For bigger screens we recommend buying the $7 4K version.