Special Offer 2 Hour 4K Background Video for TV

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This page links to a special one off sale of a Dubai cityscape to use as a 4K background video on any screen in your home, from your big SMART TV to tablets and PC monitors. Download in 4K or stream in Full HD.

Grab this limited time special offer at: TV Background Video

We are offering you a special one off 2 hour version of one of our most popular scenes. Marina Bay Night is usually $23 for just the 20 minute version. Click here to grab the $9 version .

The camera stays still, like with all Uscenes videos, so that it loops seamlessly every 20 minutes. The original version is slightly higher quality, but you shouldn’t notice that on standard 4K TVs. Most people may only notice a difference on the biggest and best 4K screens. See the new version below:

More about this 4K Background Video

This $9 version is 2 hours and will fit on any USB drive with at least 16 GB capacity. This one loops every 20 minutes but we use a fading technique to blend the loop point even more seamlessly than usual.

We have also uploaded this one to YouTube (above), so you can watch it there as a free TV background video. Although YouTube does put ads in all videos. Click here to see their policy on putting ads on every video, even if not monetized.

For an ad-free experience and avoiding YouTube you should buy the $9 version. It is sold through Gumroad, which allows us to upload videos up to 16 GB in size (this one is just over 14 GB).

Gumroad also offers you the option for unlimited streaming in Full HD resolution. This is great for HD TVs and you can stream from any device: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, MacBooks, iMacs, ChromeBooks, Windows PCs and laptops. Gumroad have a mobile app for mobile devices. This means you can use it at a friend’s house too.

Please note: this is for private home use. For public use contact us or buy the Waiting Room Background Videos collection.

The Gumroad Sales Page: 4K Background Video