Download a sample MP4 video to test on your TV

Last Updated on June 7, 2016 by Michael Lloyd

This page is out of date. Please visit our new sample clips page by clicking here for our latest formats for videos and screensavers in 4K and HD.

We often get people asking if our videos can be used in a certain way on their specific TV model. To make things easier for everyone we have made a quick demo video clip, available for you to test. If you have any problems or questions please get in touch.

Full HD 1080p: To download the test Full HD MP4 video file right click here, then left click on Save Link As (or similar)

4K UHD (Ultra HD): If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV please right click here, then left click on Save Link As (or similar) for the UHD sample clip

Please note this will not work on all computer media players, it is just intended for use on 4K televisions. It will also not play very smoothly on many computers that are not powerful enough for this resolution. We will be adding a sample 4K screensaver soon, if you need one now please get in touch.

Download speeds will be faster for purchased files. Different browsers have different save options e.g. on Chrome and Firefox it is “Save Link As” and on Safari it is “Download Linked File As”.

This sample video can be used to test whether your TV can play our MP4 files through an SD card, USB stick, in built media player or external hard drive on your television. On many SMART TVs there is a repeat option within the native media player. So you can locate the MP4 file on your remote control, then press play, then find the repeat (or loop) option.

If it plays and loops fairly smoothly then you are good to go and can return to the site to start downloading our paid videos. Bear in mind that our paid videos are 20 minutes long 95% of the time and feature higher quality sound than on the test clip.

You can also use the demo clip to test other situations when you may want to watch our relaxing videos. For example adding it to your tablet or phone, then downloading an app which allows looping playback (such as VLC). You could also try uploading it to the cloud to a storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive, to test streaming playback when you are not at home.


Our latest videos ideal for looping on large high quality TVs:

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Please note: MP4 videos will not burn onto a DVD or Blueray disk, they would need to be converted for that, which would result in a loss of quality.

If it doesn’t work don’t forget that all our products do include a computer screensaver. These loop automatically on PC and laptop screens when the device is not in use. You can still use these on your TV by streaming your computer’s display through Airplay (on Apple Mac computers) or by plugging in your PC or laptop to your TV with a HDMI cable.



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8 thoughts on “Download a sample MP4 video to test on your TV

  1. Branka says:

    I downloaded the short video clip, and I can see the video on my smart TV and on my Mac Pro computer, but I do not have a sound at all, on both my mac and my samsung smart tv. On the TV it says audio codecs is not supported

  2. James Sutton says:

    Hi Branka, the clip doesn’t have any sound. It is just to see of the video plays and loops smoothly. If the video works the sounds will work on our other videos.

  3. Michael Lloyd says:

    Hi dnewell. At the moment there is no standard way. If your SMART TV has a media player built in with a repeat button, that is ideal. Then you can just plug in a usb drive or SD card.

    If not you will need a media player box, stick or streaming device. Click the Blog link below for various options.

    Apologies for the late reply and have a great new year.

  4. Michael Lloyd says:

    Hi Rod,
    We do not know if this will work on your Sony Bravia. I think a recent customer said our videos didn’t work on his, but I do not know if that applies to all Bravias. I recommend downloading the sample, then adding it to a USB flash drive, then play it on the TV’s media player.

  5. jpspmax says:

    I have windows 10 and am trying to use a video that i downloaded as a screen saver. Any ideas how? I have tried everything

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