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Download Free Sample Clips of 4K Videos and Screensavers (H.265 and H.264 codecs)

Below you will find all Uscenes’ video and screensaver formats to download and test for free. For example, you may want to check if an old computer can handle 4K footage or if your TV plays 4K HEVC (H.265) MP4 videos.

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MP4 Videos

Please note: You must right click on the MP4 videos, then left click on Save Link As (or similar). A single left click is all that is required for the screensavers below.

4K UHD MP4 video


Full HD MP4 video


The below button is for our old 4K H.264 codec videos. If your TV (or computer) cannot play the 4K MP4 above which uses the modern HEVC H.265 codec; it may be able to play the version below instead. This is because H.264 is a more common codec compatible with older devices.

If you need the H.264 version of a 4K video please contact us first to check if we have it. If so we will be happy to email you a direct link to download the alternative version.  Please note that this only applies for small numbers of videos, we couldn’t provide different versions for many videos such as in a download bundle like the Mega Deal.

The file size is 2- 3 times larger for the H.264 videos. We are leaving all Full HD videos in the H.264 format as it is more compatible with older HD devices (which were often made before H.265 was created).

All computer screensavers are currently made from the H.264 files; again for compatibility reasons. If your computer has trouble handling a 4K Ultra HD video, it may be able to play a 4K screensaver instead.

Update August 2017: We are stopping making H.264 now for the 4K UHD videos because it seems that all 4K Ultra HD TVs can handle H.265 videos. However, some people (especially on older computers who haven’t updated their operating system) still need H.264. Our best sellers like Coral Garden, The Ocean Tank and Jellyfish Aquarium are all available in H.264.

H.264 4K UHD MP4 Video


Windows Screensavers

4K UHD Windows screensaver


Full HD MP4 Windows screensaver


Mac Screensavers

4K UHD Mac screensaver


Full HD MP4 Mac screensaver


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2 Responses to Download Free Sample Clips of 4K Videos and Screensavers (H.265 and H.264 codecs)

  1. athanasios /

    June 22, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    hi i think i need some help ..i downloaded the pachage but i cannot play it in my pc, my tv though is definetly uhd how can i play…maybe using a usb stick

  2. Michael Lloyd /

    June 23, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Hi Athanasios.

    Please add the MP4 video to a USB stick and plug that into your TV. Then play the video using the in-built media player. Select Repeat so that it plays continuously.

    If you have a new UHD SMART TV the H.265 MP4 file will work. If you have an older one then you may need to use the H.264. We give out the H.264 ones on request (only need to do that about 1% of the time).

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