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Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Uscenes

Update 2021: Our best bundle is the full collection click here to see it.

Our top 10 best aquarium bundle can be seen by clicking here


It has been quite some time since our last news/blog update. We have been busy filming new relaxation videos and slowly releasing new ones on the website. We have quite a backlog, so there will be a surge of releases when we get caught up. In the meantime we have begun creating more download bundles…

People Love Relaxation Video Bundles

In the past we have had special offers for those who buy multiple videos. These coupon deals have been very popular, so we decided to begin bundling together collections of our favorite relaxation videos. Our original download bundle is all Full HD videos and Windows screensavers up to the end of 2015: Ambient Videos 

Best Seller
Best Seller

There is now a 4K Mega Deal with all our 50+ 4K video downloads and 70 Full HD videos. this collection is the best one for TVs. It doesn’t exclude computer screensavers.

A New Video Codec for 4K Ultra HD videos: H.265

Each video is encoded in our new format for all 4K videos: HEVC H.265. This new codec is still delivered as an MP4 video, but the modern compression algorithm allows us to make far smaller file sizes. We have changed the download links for all our 4K videos. If you have past purchases in 4K (from before May 2016), you can click on the My Account link at the top to get access to all past 4K purchases in the new and improved codec.

H.265 allows us to provide files sizes nearly 1/3 smaller than the previously used H.264 codec. The only issue is that older devices may not support H.265. If this is the case just drop us a line to and we will send you download links to the old versions of your videos. The new versions are around 1.5 GB in size, the olders ones around 3.5 GB.

5.1 Surround Sound for all 4K Relaxation Videos

As well as re-encoding all our 4K collection in H.265, we have also added 5.1 surround sound. This makes for much more immersive viewing experiences. For example I was watching Jellyfish Aquarium last night at a friend’s house. His amazing surround sound system made it feel like I really was deep under the ocean. All past and future 4K videos will feature 5.1 surround sound.

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Stay tuned for more relaxation video bundles very soon… 


Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Uscenes

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