How to Give Uscenes Virtual Products as Christmas Gifts

Last Updated on January 16, 2021 by Uscenes

Giving Downloaded Videos as Christmas Gifts

We are the first to admit that sending someone a downloadable video or screensaver file doesn’t sound like a great gift idea. However if you think about it there are plenty of gifts and products which are going virtual.

Easiest way is to email the download links to your gift receiver. Simple. Or use their email to create your Uscenes account. Or your email and just forward the download links email to them. The first option is easiest and you can download the videos too. 

For example, my parents have each asked for a Kindle book this year so I will be logging into Amazon, paying online and then sending them their gifts by entering their email address. Of course I will get something physical too as I am not comfortable yet with giving a virtual gift.

It got me thinking if there was a good way we could suggest for people to give our videos and screensavers as gifts? Perhaps a gift certificate? Sure we could do that but then people would need to visit the site and choose. Usually gift certificates are given for shops people already know and use, so it didn’t seem ideal.

Here is the solution we like best for virtual Xmas presents

Instead we thought it would probably just be best to buy a collection using one of the coupons (I’ll paste the selection at the bottom of this post). Then either send the collection through a file sharing service like We Transfer which allows you to send files up to 2GB in size through email for free.

Alternatively you can load the files to your cloud storage service of choice. Click here for a post comparing the different options, it seems that Dropbox only gives 2GB of storage for free now whereas Google Drives gives 15GB. Then you can create a link to share the folder containing the files with your friend or family member.

My favorite way is to do all the legwork by choosing and downloading the files. Then copy them to a USB memory stick or an SD card. Most TVs will have the option to plug at least one of those storage devices in, plus they can be plugged into computers (always for USB, not always for SD cards). You can buy 64GB USB memory sticks and SD cards for around $10 on eBay, or two to three times this price from branded electronics stores.

The bonus with this method is that you are giving a physical Christmas gift, even though it will be tiny, but at least you can hand them something. Once they realise how awesome the content is they should be over the moon. Plus you will still have all the files for your own use too. We are OK about you sharing the files with one other person in this way.


If you would prefer to give someone a gift where they can choose what they want contact us and let us know how much you want to send. We will then generate a coupon code your loved one or friend, which they can use instead of paying.

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