Why You Should Stop Watching So Much TV

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Last Updated on February 28, 2018 by James Sutton

Replace TV Shows With Nature Videos

Uscenes was created by two guys who stopped watching TV around 10 years ago. We both realized the news was feeding us depressing information we didn’t need to know about, soaps were mind numbing and the talk shows are generally awful. Then you have the adverts clogging up your brain with useless products.

Since then we have taken different directions. One has built a family and a runs a successful business in the care industry. The other took off to travel the world and became a location independent “digital nomad”, someone who works online and slowly travels. But we stayed best friends since we were 5, keeping in touch over Skype and running some online projects together.

Then we decided that Uscenes was the future of television, showing scenes from nature. Beautiful videos of real places but with a still camera, comparable to a moving photo print. Something to brighten up a room with ambience from nature. Something to encourage people to stop watching TV and start thinking, talking and living more intelligent and enriched lives.


Why Would We Tell You To Stop Watching TV When We Make Videos?

Although our videos are designed to be shown on TV and computer screens, you are not really supposed to watch them constantly. They are a background to create ambience. A fireplace works wonders by giving a room a warming feeling when it is winter. The aquariums look almost real on todays HD screens. The nature videos are like windows to a beach, waterfall or lake. The sound is the real thing, just quiet relaxing bubbles from a fish tank or subtle crackling from a fire. When the sound isn’t great (some of the waterfalls are very harsh for example), we buy pleasant stock footage of a fitting but more relaxing soundtrack.

Restrict Watching Television to Select TV Shows and Movies

We believe that watching around 4 hours of TV a week is about right. Many people get home from work and watch 5 hours of TV a day! We have avoided this by downloading every single program we watch. The last thing I turned my TV on for was the Egypt revolution years ago. Instead I download one or two comedy series I follow each week (usually 22 or 23 minutes long), maybe a drama series (under an hour) and then a movie every few weeks. I also re-watch quick comedy shows for breaks averaging around 4 hours a week.

The rest of the time my TV is either off or I have a Uscenes video looping with the sound low. Currently I have a large blank hotel room wall in front of me with Waterfall Video (pictured above, apologies for the poor quality) and I am testing beaches filmed last week in Vietnam. Having the waterfall or beach videos on in the background transforms what should be a depressing room into a semi oasis. It simply sets a relaxing, pleasing tone, it is a mood lifter. Once I visit the UK this winter I shall switch to using fireplaces more as they make a room feel cosy and warm.


TV is mostly rubbish so use the screen to set an nice ambience whilst you do something productive

Anyway the point of this post is to say stop watching TV. It is mostly rubbish. Download the TV shows that interest you. Don’t aimlessly flick through channels with the remote control, or settle for poor quality shows just because they are new and on. Instead have a chat, make some plans, play with the kids, make some music or indulge in another hobby. General TV is trash, filled with adverts and noise which stops you doing really enjoyable things in life.

Set a nice background video on your TV, glance at it occasionally, let the sounds relax you, then live life. We spend far too much time staring at screens now that we all use smartphones and tablets too. There needs to be some disconnection. It is good to get away from useless adverts and depressing news.


How Background Videos Help

Our videos can encourage your family to avoid TV, movies and computer games. They are used in waiting rooms to set a nice positive ambience. I am practically allergic (too scared) of going to the dentist, but if I saw Waterfall Video playing or Living Aquarium, I would relax a little. We even have videos showing on an top airline, designed to help people relax and nod off to sleep.

Anyway, you get the point. Try to watch less rubbish. Uscenes is now at a stage where we feel we have a fully rounded collection. Our soon to be released paradise beach footage will of completed the basics we wanted. We could just do with a couple of snowy videos which we will add as soon as we can, ideally with the Northern Lights.


About Our Relaxation Videos

All our footage is now shot in 4k Ultra HD. This means it will look as good as the footage in the electronics superstores where they show off the most expensive new TVs. Don’t worry about going 4k yet though. We are downscaling our footage to 1080p full HD. This just means more detail for your current HDTV and no price increases.

You will start to see the option to buy 4k footage as more people buy the TV sets with the new resolution (4 times the current resolution of full HD). All products include a video version with sound in the universal MP4 format. This is usually 20 minutes long although for scenes where the loop point is very seamless we sometimes provide shorter clips to give us the chance to provide you with higher quality footage. Each video also comes with matching self looping computer screensavers (for Windows and Mac).

[iblock type=”wide” ]Coming soon… Paradise beach videos and screensavers filmed on tropical islands in the Philippines and Vietnam. Expect the whitest sand and azure turquoise waters in April[/iblock]

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  1. Jase says:

    good points, I have been using the fireplaces on Youtube in winter, will give yours a try for a quality increase and no ads.

    Also it can’t be good for kids to have so much time watching screens so this is a reasonable alternative.

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