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Make your TV into a 4K virtual fireplace by following the simple, affordable steps on this page. You can turn any television into a stunning Full HD or 4K Ultra HD fireplace by looping a video recording of a real fireplace.

The two things required to be able to turn your TV into a fireplace are a TV (ideally a large 4K UHD SMART TV, or a HD TV with media player) and a fireplace video.

Here are a few of our most popular fireplaces, or you can browse the whole collection by selecting Fireplaces at the top of the page:

Rated 5.00 out of 5


4K Fireplace Video

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Once you have downloaded your HD or 4K fireplace you will need to check if your TV can play and loop (repeat) the video file. Click here to download a sample clip to see if our file format works on your TV. If you have a new 4K SMART TV you will have an in-built media player and it will be possible to simply select the fireplace video, press play and then select “Repeat” so that it loops continuously. For HD TVs you may need an external media player. Feel free to try before you buy.

You can copy the video file onto your TV with a USB memory stick or an SD card if your TV has an SD card slot. Alternatively, you can hook it up to your computer with a media streaming service like Air Play or Chromecast and transfer it this way. You may also be able to plug in an external hard drive into your TV.

What is the benefit of Uscenes 4K TV Fireplace Videos?

  • Ultra HD resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels for a crystal clear image.
  • Warming effect from the amber flames, which make any room feel more cozy.
  • 5.1 surround sound of burning logs and flames for an ultra realistic effect.

Full HD TV Fireplace Videos

older HD TV screens generally can’t play our MP4 videos, however there are a wide variety of cheap media players available. Including devices which stream content from your computer like the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. A good starting place to learn about them is Amazon.com where different options are compared. We cover some of the devices in more detail in our Blog. This includes the Apple TV which streams the videos from iTunes on your computer, and Chromecast which streams the Chrome browser where you can open and loop our fireplace videos. If you want an Apple TV fireplace screensaver or a Chromecast fireplace screensaver, our HD versions of our fires are ideal. On Google Chromecast simply drag the video into Chrom, right click then select Loop to have your TV fireplace screensaver running all day.

New for Christmas 2016 – Loop a 4K Christmas Fireplace on Your TV


About Uscenes HD and 4K TV Fireplace Screensavers and Computer Screensavers

All our fireplace downloads include the option to also download screensaver versions. These play and loop automatically just like any other screensaver on Windows and Mac laptops and PCs. You can set them to come on after any amount of time of inactivity on your computer. If you like you can stream this to your TV via a streaming service like Apple’s Airplay, or use the old fashioned way of using a cable to connect your laptop to your TV. You can even use the video on your laptop or tablet when traveling, or for a cozier experience in bed to help you sleep.

The MP4 videos are 20 minutes long and the screensavers are 3 minutes long. The loop points are usually barely noticeable. The idea with a TV fireplace is to set a nice mood in your home, as if you have a real log fire. Your fireplace TV will give off a warm amber glow from the flames. The audio is simply the natural real sound of the crackling embers. They even seem to make rooms feel warmer when it is cold outside.

A 4K virtual fireplace is a great way to set a cozy atmosphere in any room. Of course, you save on all the hassle and expense of having and maintaining a real fireplace too. You can buy bundles of our videos so that you can have a different fireplace every day of the week (see our Mega Deal link at the top to get all the MP4 videos). All fire footage is filmed in high-quality 4K Ultra HD and ones without the 4K logo are filmed in Full HD. Click on the red button below to start browsing so that you can turn your TV into a realistic fireplace today.

turn my tv into a fireplace

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