The Perfect Time for Relaxing Videos is 20 Minutes

Last Updated on July 2, 2015 by James Sutton

Here at Uscenes we produce high quality relaxation videos. Each one is 20 minutes in length. The initial reason was so that downloads would be fast because the file sizes wouldn’t need to be too large. For 20 minute Full HD videos the files can be around 1GB. Now that we have begun offering videos in 4K Ultra HD, the size can be 6GB. So we did a little digging to see if 20 minutes was the perfect length for a relaxation video…


Why 20 minutes is the perfect length for a relaxation video


Meditation is best done for 20 minutes according to Time magazine. This article emphasises that meditation is an excellent practice to undertake every day. Being mindful for just 20 minutes can help, especially for beginners. I found that starting with 10 minutes was OK, but noticed a real difference when moving up to 20 minutes

[blockquote align=”The relaxation response is best understood as the opposite of stress or the fight-or-flight response”]”The relaxation response is best understood as the opposite of stress or the fight-or-flight response”  Dr. Herbert Benson[/blockquote]

Full HD relaxation videos 20 minutes

Falling Asleep

Getting to sleep usually takes 15-20 minutes on average, according to many sources including the Huffington Post. Therefore playing one of our 20 minute videos without selecting the repeat button is likely to be the perfect sleep aid. Remember to set your TV’s timer so that it turns off afterwards. Many of our videos have soothing sounds which help you fall asleep.

Relaxing Muscles

The NHS recommends a muscle relaxation technique which lasts 20 minutes. Their technique releases tension in the body, which in turn relaxes and de-stresses the mind. The NHS also have some other excellent advice for reducing stress, such as breathing techniques. Using a relaxing background video should work in harmony with these techniques.

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According to the Daily Mail, 15-20 minutes is the perfect time to soak yourself in a warm bath. This is one of the most popular relaxation techniques in the world. Not many of us have a TV in the bathroom, but even if you can just hear the relaxing sounds of nature in our videos, it is sure to help.

Power Napping

Taking a power nap for 20 minutes can help invigorate you for the day ahead, according to Nap Sounds. This website offers relaxing audio for you to use when taking a nap, but our videos have similar relaxation audio. The website stresses that you should not take a nap longer than 30 minutes as you may enter deep sleep, which is not a good thing in the middle of the day.


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