The Insomnia Key

Last Updated on July 31, 2015 by James Sutton

We are proud to present our first 100% free and accessible to all sleep video… The Insomnia Key

This free sleep aid video is a compilation of our relaxation videos. We have darkened them and faded them into each other very slowly. This has a very calming, almost hypnotic effect which helps you drift off to sleep.

The natural sounds are there, plus an ambient binaural soundtrack composed specifically to help you get to sleep quicker. The Insomnia Key features new a new Uscenes video, plus the most relaxing selection of fireplaces, aquariums and scenery videos from our catalogue.

The Best Sleep Video We Have Used

The above statement may sound like we are biased and boasting, but we genuinely believe it. We made many different versions until we got the perfect balance. If you want to try this sleep video just press play below, ideally with the 1080p HD option checked from the cog icon, then press the full screen button next to it.

There are no adverts on this video. There is no catch. It is a free sleep video to help you fall asleep within 30 minutes. Our initial findings are that people without insomnia are falling asleep in roughly half the time it would usually take (5-10 minutes). For those with insomnia it is generally taking 20-25 minutes, which is fantastic. We even tried it on our video editors’ young baby and it worked in a couple of minutes.

The Insomnia Key (featuring binaural sounds):


If you enjoy this insomnia video, bookmark it and use it as often as you need it. If using a laptop or desktop PC, turn the blue Autoplay button off in the top right when on the Youtube page. This will prevent a random video autoplaying afterwards, which may wake you up. On smartphones and tablets like the iPad, autoplay is not a feature on the free Youtube app, so no need to worry.

We suggest using your device’s timer to automatically switch the power off in 30 minutes. All phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and most TVs have a timer function. The beauty of this natural sleep aid video being on Youtube is that you can literally watch it on any device, because all “smart” devices now have a Youtube app, or you can access Youtube through any web browser.


Here are a few tips which may also help you fall asleep

The below advice is aimed at insomniacs who want to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. They are just one person’s opinion based on years of suffering from insomnia and researching how to get to sleep faster. They are mentioned because you may find that they compliment our sleep video:

  • Drink herbal tea. The most popular herbal tea which helps you get to sleep is camomile. I drink it often as part of my nightly ritual. You can also try others with calming properties such as passion flower tea. Many people find that warm milk can help you sleep.
  • Have a nightly ritual. This really helped me. I follow a similar pattern each night which includes stopping using my computer, stopping using my iPad or phone, dimming the light gradually, drinking my tea and generally slowing down activity. This ritual takes an hour or so and it brings my body to a natural state of calm, ready for a good nights sleep. Try not to drink much an hour before sleeping for the obvious reason. Make sure you are well hydrated in the day though. I start with coffee in the morning, then switch to oolong or green tea in the afternoon, which has less and less caffeine with each steep. Then when it is dark just herbal tea. Avoiding sugar in the evening as well as caffeine is recommended.
  • Gentle exercise. It is essential that your body is ready to rest. Keep this in mind all day by stretching, regularly getting up and walking around and ideally do some sport or aerobic activity. An hour before sleep it is best to stick with mild activity, so that you do not get your heart pumping. Yoga, reiki, stretching, mild dancing or shadow boxing is all good.
  • Clear your mind. The top cause of insomnia is racing thoughts. Then you start thinking about the fact you are having these thoughts and it turns into a never ending chatter in your brain. Get work out of your head by writing down any outstanding issues on a to-do list. This transfers the responsibility to the list which you will go to the next morning. If you are worrying about something then you need to rationalize in your brain that there is no logical reason why you should worry, it does nobody any good. Then begin a soundtrack or video such as ours and it will occupy your mind, so that you do not have thoughts. The very slow and subtle music is emotionless, this allows it to fill your brain so your thoughts slow down or even stop. The sounds of nature blending together and the videos blending also helps.


Feedback about our sleep aid video

Please try to remember to give us feedback about how the video worked for you. You can either leave a message below, or on our Youtube page, or email us through our contact page.

We would love to hear how long it took you or your children to fall asleep. This will help us ensure future productions are effective natural sleep aids.

Please also feel free to share it with Facebook friends.



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