4K Screensaver Videos Coming Soon

Last Updated on October 5, 2022 by Uscenes

We have been busy testing the possibility of Ultra HD 4K screensaver videos. After a fairly successful first try with a 1 minute test, we found that our attempt at making a longer 4K aquarium screensaver brought a very mixed bag of results.

If you only need Full HD, check out our Ambient Videos collection, which is all our Full HD videos pre-2015, plus Windows screen saver versions. It is a great package deal.

For now we are going to step back from creating a 4K screensaver and get the website updated with video previews when you hover over images and separated products. That way if you only want a Mac screensaver you can pay less that the cost of the whole download bundles with the video and Windows screensaver.

Uscenes 4K Screensaver Initial Testing

Our 4K screensaver tests have brought very mixed results. On new laptops and PCs they generally play OK, but on many, even with high specifications, there are stutterings or they are not working at all.

The Uscenes plan for now is to re-visit the 4K screensavers when we have updated our computer hardware, hopefully next month. In the meantime I shall be getting out with my brand spanking new 4K camera and filming some awesome scenery in Southeast Asia.

We have some more British scenery still to be published and then there will new videos and screensavers from Asia, so stay tuned (all in 4K of course with Full HD options too). I recommend subscribing to our Relaxation Videos Youtube Channel. There you will see our new releases and we may even have more free themed compilations like The Insomnia Key coming soon too.

We do have 3 free 4K screensavers for testing. If you would like to test them please drop us a line at info@uscenes.com and let us know if you want the Mac or Windows versions. There is a 1 minute screensaver of an alpaca and a 2 and 3 minute version of an aquarium. All we ask in return is a quick email letting us know how you got on e.g. if the quality was fine or if there was any glitches.

For now 4K screensavers videos are a bit ahead of their time. Very few people have UHD screens on their computers anyway. We will be back with some options before Christmas. We will make sure we have at least one 4K aquarium screensaver, one 4K fireplace screensaver and one scenery screensaver in 4K. We will do our homework on system requirements and carry out further testing.

In the meantime you should find that our latest screensavers are superb quality. All recent releases were filmed in Cinematic 4K or Ultra HD 4K and downscaled to Full HD. This crams extra detail into each video.

If you are desperate to get a 4k UHD screensaver on your screen the best option for now is to download one of our 4K ambient videos and set it to repeat on a media player. If you want to play music on your laptop or PC at the same time you can download a 2nd media player like the awesome and free VLC.


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