Relaxing videos to help you sleep, meditate or simply relax

Last Updated on April 5, 2014 by Michael Lloyd

We create relaxing videos designed to aid sleep, relaxation and meditation. The 20 minute MP4 video files are intended to be looped on a media player such as iTunes. They can be viewed directly on your computer or laptop screen, or streamed to your TV through a media streamer such as the Apple TV.

How We Create a Relaxing Video

Each video is a very simple scene and the camera does not move. This allows for continuous, seamless looping which we have found to be the most relaxing way to enjoy these “windows” to a beautiful scene from nature. The scenes can be anything from an attractive lake, peaceful waterfall or even animals like swans and deer.

Besides scenes from nature we also produce aquarium videos and virtual fireplaces. For those without the means to buy and maintain a tropical aquarium, our videos make a great alternative. All footage is shot on high quality cameras in full HD, so it is the closest thing to owning a real fish tank, especially when viewed on a large high definition television. The fireplaces are a cheap and safe alternative to the real thing. They add a warming and cosy ambience to a room, especially in winter.

Audio in Our Relaxing Videos

There is no music in the videos, instead you get the natural sounds. When the natural sound is not relaxing enough we create our own audio. For example yesterday we were shooting a waterfall in a jungle setting but there were loud insects creating a high pitched sound. In this case we used more gentle sounds of running water instead.

Videos also come with screensavers

Each relaxing video also comes with a pair of self looping screensavers. These are simple, one click installable files for any computer or laptop. One is for use on Windows machines, the other for Macs. The screensavers are shorter in length at around 3 minutes, to allow for reasonable download speeds.

Best times to use our relaxing video downloads?

We have had feedback from customers who use our videos for all sorts of uses. The general consensus is that they can be used anytime you want to disconnect from TV shows, movies and video games. We have even heard of some people using the footage to help calm people with mediacal conditions.

Some of our videos make a wonderful sleep aid. You can preview all downloads before buying. This way you can listen to the sounds and choose the downloads which you think would help you fall asleep. The 20 minute file length is a good length of time to help sleep. You can just let the video play then set you TV or computer to turn off 20 minutes after starting. By this time you will hopefully of nodded off into a deep, relaxing slumber.

Not all meditation involves closing your eyes. The basic idea is to try and free the mind of clutter that comes with every day thoughts. Our simple footage is not the sort of thing you watch continuously. By playing the videos in the background, the peaceful imagery and soothing sounds can help you focus on clearing your mind.

When you simply want to relax just put your feet up and play one of our videos. You can glance at the screen occasionally, enjoy the gentle sounds of running water or birds in the countryside, and let your stress and tension slip away. Our scenery videos can make you feel as though you have escaped to a beautiful setting in nature, the fireplaces can give you a warming feeling, the aquariums can be a joy to simply stare at.

Take a look at our Youtube Playlist from our scenery category below or start browsing the videos now using the links at the top of this page.

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