Background Videos for a Bar or Pub

Last Updated on February 21, 2014 by Michael Lloyd

Most bars and pubs now have large widescreen televisions which are capable of screening HD video. Rather than waste this technology on daytime TV shows, which many people find annoying, you can turn your HD TV screen into something pleasant. Our background videos are shot in 1080P so they look fantastic even on the biggest screens.

For a bar or pub you can now instantly play a high quality fireplace video in the winter months. In warmer weather you may prefer to use our aquariums or nature scenes. Our videos come in MP4 format and are usually around 500 MB to 1 GB in size. The camera stays still and they run for 20 minutes. To play them continuously you will need a media player hooked up to your TV such as iTunes. The idea is to press play on your media player then let them run seamlessly for as long as you like. Instructions are here.


For most single use licences you can simply buy any products normally through the website. This applies to a small bar or pub who will be showing the background video to a room of people less than 100. If you wish to use the videos on multiple screens or to larger audiences please get in touch for licensing pricing. Our HD videos have been used in a variety of other hospitality establishments including bistros, casinos and hotel lobbies. We are able to create bespoke solutions.


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