Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Just a quick post to say thanks to all the Uscenes customers that have made 2013 a great first year for us. We have sold more video screensavers than expected and really appreciate the custom. We are especially happy to see how many repeat buyers there have been.

Below is a photograph I took on Christmas day at my parent’s house. I took my laptop and Apple TV so I could play Uscenes videos in the background. The videos went down very well with family and visitors throughout the day.


fireplace video on TV at Christmas


Best of 2013:

Our top selling screensaver in 2013 was Living Coral Aquarium. This is a very attractive fish tank with real corals and colourful fish. It didn’t come as a big surprise that this one was so popular. Check it out if you don’t already have it here.

Not far behind was Brass Fireplace which has had a massive surge in sales in the past few weeks leading up to Christmas. Most of the fireplaces have been very popular in the winter months. Brass Fireplace is a quality recording and I do agree that it is an excellent choice. See it here.

The scenery downloads haven’t quite sold as many as the aquariums and fireplaces, but they are excellent alternatives. I use the scenery and nature videos just as often and urge you to check them out here.


Coming in 2014:

Michael will continue to film videos for Uscenes at a slightly slower rate. He is still putting the finishing touches on a short film he recently shot, which will be entered into the major film festivals, which is why he hasn’t posted a new video screensaver in a month or so.

I have just bought my first real camera and will be shooting some videos early in the new year. This will likely begin in the hills of northern Thailand and will hopefully be followed by some tropical beaches. So stay tuned for plenty of updates in the Scenery section.


If you haven’t downloaded anything from Uscenes yet, just fill in the sign up form on the left and you will be added to our mailing list. We just send one email each month which includes a link to a free screensaver.


Have a great new year from us at Uscenes

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