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Last Updated on May 23, 2015 by Michael Lloyd

Ever wish there was a way to transform the mood in your living room, bedroom or workplace? If so one cheap and effective solution is to make use of HD video backgrounds on your TV or computer screen.

What are video backgrounds?

They are video clips where the camera stays still, giving the impression of a window to a beautiful spot in nature. They can also be used to create a virtual aquarium or fireplace. Ours are available for download in the universal MP4 format, so they can be used on most media players. For example VLC, Realtime or Windows Media Player on your computer. Or Apple TV, Roku or WD Live boxes for your TV.

The videos are purposely simple. They all feature movement but the camera stays in one place. This subtly creates a new ambience in a room. For example the fireplace videos make a room feel more cosy on winter nights.

When is a good time to use a video background?

I use them mostly when I want to take a break from work. It is important to get away from your computer regularly and disconnect from electronic devices. By playing one of the videos on my computer or TV, I feel relaxed and don’t have the urge to stare at the screen. I also use them for longer periods at night as that is when I want to relax. It is getting pretty cold at the moment and I have been using fireplaces which somehow seem to warm the room up. A couple of months ago I watched more scenery and aquariums.

There are lots of times when a video background can enhance the mood in a room. They are ideal for the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We have been told they can help calm children down. One Uscenes customer loves playing our videos for his autistic child as they have a calming effect.

They can also be ideal in the workplace too, for example in waiting rooms. I recently got a friend to try out a few our our videos in his gastropub. He used to have noisy basketball on all the time which only seemed to interest a few customers. Now he loves the new, more relaxed vibe which has been created by our videos and he just puts on the basketball for big games.

How important is HD?

Essential is the quick answer. Most people have HDTVs now, so anything less than full 1080p HD just won’t cut it. Now that we have full HD readily available, real life scenes look stunning. In the past people would use animated videos because the real thing just didn’t look life-like.

Now that HD is common everyone can enjoy crisp, sharp detail. HD really makes all the difference because now it almost looks like there really is a window to an attractive landscape, or an aquarium, or fireplace in the room.

How can I buy HD video backgrounds?

We sell them for download only.  The videos usually last 20 minutes and you will find that most media players have a repeat or loop button. Each video also comes with a matching screensaver. These are much shorter at around 3 minutes to keep file sizes down. The screensaver comes in both a Windows and Mac version, so they can be used on any computer or laptop. These loop by themselves until you touch your keyboard or mouse.

Our downloads cost a small fee of $7. We do have special offers listed on the homepage for people who want to buy more than one at a time. Payment is done securely through Paypal, don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account as there is an option to use a credit or debit card with Paypal too.

Once you have completed the purchase with Paypal you will be directed back to this website where you will see the files. Then it is just a case of downloading them and then setting them up on your chosen screen. The buying process is quick, easy and secure. The downloads can take a while as the average size of the videos is around 800MB (much less for the screensavers).

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