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Last Updated on May 9, 2023 by Uscenes

A romantic screensaver can really make a big difference if you are trying to set a mood. Below are my top picks from our collection of HD screensaver and video downloads.

Top 3 Romantic Screensavers

The Funky TV Fireplace is a great mood setter. This classy log fire is captured from a close distance and focuses on one log. The camera angle gives it an arty look which makes it the best romantic fireplace screensaver in my opinion. If you want to set a sexy ambiance in a room, this is the perfect background. The Funky TV Fireplace looks good on any screen, this is an especially good choice for computer screens because it is filmed close up.
  Living Coral Aquarium makes a great screensaver for your TV or computer when you want to get closer to someone special. The beautiful fish and real corals have the wow factor. This is the download to choose if you want to snuggle up and watch the screen. The amazing visuals will soon have you enjoying your time together as you appreciate the beauty of the underwater life, then hopefully each other. The preview video for Living Coral Aquarium is 20 minutes long so you can really test this on out on your screen before downloading the video and screensaver bundle.
  My 3rd favourite romantic screensaver is predictable another fireplace. This time it is Brass Fireplace which is filmed with the frame of the fireplace in shot. This is a more traditional way to film a log fire, so you get the full effect of the flames. This fireplace is more suited to larger TV screens but the 1080p full HD quality looks great on any screen. This one really makes it feel like there is a roaring log fireplace in your room, especially when viewed on a HD TV. It has a warming, cozy effect which is ideal for cuddling up to your loved one or date.
  Whichever HD screensaver you choose for your date, you can rest assured that all Uscenes downloads are encoded in 1080p full HD. Each download comes with a pair of screensavers, one for Mac computers and one for Windows computers. These are one click installable apps. You also get a full 20 minute version in the universal mp4 video format. These can be played on every media player we have tested and can be easily set to loop by clicking the Loop or Repeat button. As of August 2013 we have a buy two get one free deal, so you could even get all three for less than $10 and create your own romantic screensaver playlist. To browse other downloads check out our Screensaver Shop BUY ROMANTIC SCREENSAVER

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