HD Summer Screensavers

HD summer screensavers

Last Updated on June 29, 2020 by Uscenes

Best Full HD Summer Screensavers

Summer is almost here, so what better time to look at some of our favorite summer screensavers. The below screensavers are all real life scenes, designed to give you a window to a beautiful location on your laptop or PC. They are are shot in full HD and come in both Windows and Mac versions. They also all come with a longer MP4 video version which you may be able to use on your TV screens (you will need to have a media player that you can set to loop so that they play continuously like the screensavers).

Update 2020: see our latest list of the best summer screensavers for summer 2020.

Cliffside Beach is the perfect Full HD summer screensaver. Shot in Portugal last summer, it is a simple scene of waves on a beach. At one side you can see the cliff face. The screensavers all last 3 minutes and loop continuously until you touch your computer. They also come with 20 minute video versions, you can see the whole 20 minute version of this one below.


Relaxing Stream is a lovely summery screensaver shot in the British countryside. This one was also shot last summer and it features an attractive stream. We made the grass at the sides out of focus to create a dreamy look. Perfect for relaxing with some nature in your home this summer. If these videos don’t look clear you should see a cog icon where you can select the best HD quality (1080p).


Garden Waterfall is our latest production. It was shot recently in northern Thailand at the height of the hot season. After a baking day in the summer sun, this was the perfect oasis to relax, unwind and shoot a new Uscenes screensaver. The video below features the extended version, which will be free from any branding when downloaded.


Beach Sunset is the perfect way to end a summers day. This HD screensaver is very popular with Uscenes customers at it combines elements of summer with a deeply relaxing setting. Check it out in the video below.

For more of the same check out our Scenery screensavers category for more summer vibes. You may also enjoy our Aquarium screensavers for some aquatic footage like this marine aquarium screensaver (all our video screensavers have sample clips on YouTube).

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