Watching an MP4 video on an Xbox 360

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Last Updated on October 27, 2013 by Michael Lloyd

If you want to watch an mp4 on your Xbox 360 here is how:

Apple Mac Users

Step 1 – Getting the mp4 onto your Xbox

Add the video to a usb memory stick on your iMac or Macbook.

Next remove the memory stick from your computer and plug it into your Xbox.

Step 2 – Playing the Video

Go to My Video Apps on your Xbox and select System Video Player.

Then select Portable Device and you will be able to browse the files on the USB memory stick.

You may get a message saying an update is required before this type of file can be played (I did). I had to restart my Xbox, then it guided me through a very quick download. Then I was able to select the file and enjoy a nice aquarium background video. I’d never even thought of using my Xbox for this before so I was rather happy to be giving it some use. I don’t have a media player or streamer in the office so the Xbox is going to be a great alternative to using the screensavers on my computer.

The catch is that the video files cannot be looped (set to repeat) in this way. So it will just last the 20 minutes. You also can’t create a playlist, so that it plays through your Uscenes collection. So this is cool for a quick break but the idea with Uscenes videos is to have them loop so that you can just leave them on in the background. I often use our videos for quick breaks between work so have been busy loading a selection of our videos onto my USB, starting with Living Coral Aquarium (pictured above).


Windows Users
If you have a Windows computer or laptop you can play the video through Windows Media Player on your Xbox. That will allow you to loop the video files and create playlists. I can’t give instructions for this as I don’t have Windows, but it shouldn’t be difficult as long as your Xbox is connected to your computer via your home wifi network or a cable.


If you haven’t caught up to the media player/streamer revolution yet and just have an Xbox, the above will give you the chance to watch our videos. If you are using Windows then the Xbox should do just fine. It may not be the ideal solution if you are on a Mac though. In which case it is time to think about getting a Roku, Apple TV or another media player/streamer like the WD boxes.   If you are a Mac user it is possible to watch our videos continuously via iTunes. Click here for instructions.

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