Best Winter Screensavers

Last Updated on October 18, 2013 by Michael Lloyd

Winter is coming and one way to make a room feel cosier is to use a video screensaver. On this page you will find my selection of the best winter screensavers for 2013.

Each of the videos shown is available as a Windows and Mac screensaver, they also all come with a 20 minute mp4 video for those who have a media player connected to their TV. Each one has a sample clip. You can use the videos below to judge for yourself on whether this really is the best selection of winter screensavers. Select 1080p from the cog icon at the bottom of the videos for best quality.


[dropcap style=”dark”]1[/dropcap] The very best screensaver for winter just had to be a fireplace. Fireplaces give off a warm glow and make the ideal footage for when it is cold outside. Whether you are relaxing or entertaining guests, the Brass Fireplace helps to create a cosy ambience.



[dropcap style=”dark”]2[/dropcap] My second pick for a winter screensaver is Living Coral Aquarium. This is the top selling video screensaver in the Uscenes catalog. It is one for all seasons but the neon light and rich aquatic life do combine to create a warming colour scheme.



[dropcap style=”dark”]3[/dropcap] Third choice is another fire. This time it is The Funky Fireplace. The camera on this one is focused in on a single log which makes the others blurry around it. This fills your screen with flames which in turn bathes your room in an amber glow. Somehow this makes a room feel cosier and almost warmer.



[dropcap style=”dark”]4[/dropcap] Sometimes escaping to a beach is the best way to deal with those cold winter days. That is why my forth pick for 2013 is Cliffside Beach. The weather is hot, the rocks look very dry and the sand is a lovely golden colour. This should help you escape to those times when you were on a sunny summers holiday. When you could bake in the heat then swim in the sea to cool off.



[dropcap style=”dark”]5[/dropcap] Last but not least is the subtle White Log Fireplace. This is the aftermath of a fire when things have calmed down. I enjoy this one because the white ash on the logs reminds me of snow. I will be using this one if it snows this winter. I also plan on using it on Christmas day to create that White Christmas vibe. I’ll probably start with this one fora couple of hours, then change to Brass Fireplace for the middle of the day, then switch back to Yule Log when things are dying down.



Now its your turn. Which of the Uscenes video screensavers will you be watching this winter?

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