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Last Updated on October 4, 2013 by Michael Lloyd

Many people use sleeping aids to help with insomnia. Audio books and hypnosis CD’s are the most common choice but have you ever considered using a video? Research has shown that visual stimulation can be just as effective as sound for relaxation and helping people get to sleep. Have you ever noticed how watching television can make your eyes tired and help you nod off? The only problem with most television and films is that their primary purpose is to entertain you and keep you watching.

Wouldn’t it be far better to watch something that is designed to relax you? Instead of fast cars, explosions, game shows and music videos, why not watch a beach with waves gently lapping on the shore? Fireplace videos are another great way to help you fall asleep as the soothing sounds of the crackling logs and the soft flickering of the flames can completely zone you out, to a point where sleep is inevitable. It is no coincidence that people fall asleep in front of the fire so why not use a fireplace video to do the same?

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Fish tanks are another great option for sleeping videos and watching fish swim around a tank is a proven route to relaxation. Dentist Surgery’s often use aquariums as a tool to calm patients down before having some kind of operation. I myself have a preferred video that I love to fall asleep to. It is a video of some lavender in a field swaying in the breeze with bees hopping from flower to flower collecting nectar. The sounds in this video are so relaxing and it works for me like a treat! The video is called Lavender Bees and can be viewed below.

All of our TV screensavers are perfect as sleeping videos as they have very calming visuals and relaxing sounds. If you have a television in your bedroom then a relaxation video is certainly a great choice as an alternative to an audio book. Just get comfy, lie on your bed and put the video on. After a few minutes you will start to feel your eyes get tired. After shutting your eyes you then go into the next stage of relaxation as you listen to the relaxing sounds and drift away. All our videos end after 20 minutes by which time you should have fallen asleep and the video will end. Or you can set them to repeat and use the TV timer function.

You may just be looking at using our products as a relaxation video, in which case we highly recommend playing some ambient music over the top of the sound. We have some good suggestions for music for our aquarium videos here. Using the videos in this way is perfect for creating a soothing mood to take a break to. I often do this on my lunch break and it really does help me get away from things for 20 minutes.¬†With today’s hectic lifestyles we all need to take some to time out and it is great that we can use the technology that keeps us busy to do just that.


Best Video Screensavers for Insomnia and Relaxation

Lavender Bees has a very relaxing audio track in the background. The gentle chirping of the birds is an excellent sleep aid. I have used this one more than once to help me nod off and it works every time. The video itself is very plain, it simply focuses in on lavender flowers and bees looking for pollen. If this one doesn’t relax you then nothing will.


Burning Cinders is one of our more subtle fireplace videos. The flames have died down and the crackling from the cinders is very smooth. This is great at night with the lights off, because the deep oranges on your screen will fill the room in a warm glow. Very cosy and very peaceful.


Night Time Aquarium is the fish tank of choice for deep relaxation. If the sound of running water relaxes you then Night Time Aquarium could be just the ticket. Turn the volume down fairly low and let your eyes get heavy as the fish swim around in the dark tank.

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