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Last Updated on April 3, 2015 by Michael Lloyd

Most screensavers are simply pictures that you set to come up on your screen when you are not using it, but as video becomes more popular people are now looking to use videos for their windows screensavers. Video backgrounds are far more appealing than pictures as a way of enhancing your computer. After all a video is simply a set of animated pictures so why not use videos as a great background for your windows screensavers.

The problem with videos used to be one of file size and as this would take up resources that your computer simply didn’t have. Now computers are far more powerful and have tons of storage space and for this reason video screensavers are taking over pictures. Video backgrounds are engaging and effectively turn your computer screens, TV’s and other devices into windows with beautiful views.

rapids river video in 1080p HDThe old school picture never had that kind of realism and the added bonus with video backgrounds is that they come with sound too. Most of us spend our lives in front of our computers and it is only when we take a holiday that we get to appreciate beautiful scenery and relax. With windows screensavers set to videos, you can let your mind relax and escape every day. Every time you stop working your screen will be transformed and you can take some much deserved time to appreciate the view and let your cares drift away.

We at Uscenes know this changing shift in the screensaver trend and provide stunning background videos for use as your windows screensavers. These range from beautiful aquariums, cosy fireplace loops and fantastic scenic views of beaches, streams, rivers, harbours, lakes and many more.

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It is fitting that windows was originally coined as a name of an operating system because it displayed windows allowing you to view various screens and applications through them. A window in real life is a way of opening up a view and allowing light into a room. It makes perfect sense that a windows screensaver should do the same to your computer and video backgrounds do exactly that.

The word screen saver was also originated as a way of saving your screen from being burnt by whatever static image was being displayed. A video does not burn your screen because the pixels are always moving and never static on one particular colour. video screensavers are therefore the best way to save your screen from damage and in the future will become the standard for windows screensavers.

The cost of videos is usually out of most peoples price range. If you look at many stock footage sites they are usually being sold for well over $50 for a short clip . We feel that as the price of professional camera equipment falls, people shouldn’t have to pay these kind of prices for professional quality videos. We make it our mission to provide our videos at an affordable price to everyone allowing them to take advantage of the latest way to enhance their living and work space.

Feel free to browse our collection of videos and get yourself a great windows screensaver today!

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