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New Relaxation Video Bundles from Uscenes

It has been quite some time since our last news/blog update. We have been busy filming new relaxation videos and slowly releasing new ones on the website. We have quite a backlog, so there will be a surge of releases when we get caught up. In the meantime we have begun creating more download bundles…

People Love Relaxation Video Bundles

In the past we have had special offers for those who buy multiple videos. These coupon deals have been very popular, so we decided to begin bundling together collections of our favorite relaxation videos. Our original download bundles are 35 4K UHD relaxation videos and all Full HD videos and screensavers up to the end of 2015.


Download 4K videos to make your Ultra HD SMART TV into a fish tank, virtual fireplace, or window to a scenic spot in nature. There are 35+ 20 minute Ultra HD videos in this collection. This is less than $6 for each 20 minute loopable relaxation video to enjoy on your UHD SMART TV.

$299 $149
Full HD Uscenes Collection

This collection features lifetime access to every Full HD Uscenes download release up to the end of 2015. This is by far the most economical download bundle we offer saving over $1,000! It contains access t0 100 video screensavers (each is 3 files = 300 total files).  Each Full HD video is 20 minutes and intended to be looped on your TV screen. The screensavers for Mac and Windows loop every 3 minutes. If you don’t need the computer screensavers take a look at our MEGA DEAL with 70 Full HD videos and 50 4K videos.

$1,200 $129

The two above will eventually be replaced by our new themed bundles. Now we have released Part 1 of the 4K Aquarium Videos bundle and a bundle for 4K Summer Relaxation Videos.

The 4K UHD Aquarium Collection Part 1:

The new aquarium collection features 6 of our first 4K UHD fish tank videos. The star of the collection is Coral Garden, which has well over a million views now on Youtube, despite the Youtube clip only being a demo video covered in promotional text and branding. The tank is a little too colorful for some, but nearly everyone loves the bright colors of this amazing aquarium. We may release another video of this aquarium in future.

The Ocean Tank is the 2nd video in this collection and is a big favorite with many. This is thanks to the huge sharks, manta rays and other fish which inhabit this underwater world. On an massive UHD TV screen The Ocean Tank is one of of most impressive videos ever filmed by Uscenes. It is like being there in person at a world class aquarium center.

There are 4 more videos in the bundle; featuring the amazingly beautiful and relaxing Jellyfish Aquarium, Underwater Forest, Parrot Fish and Red Eyes. Part 2 of the 4K Aquarium Collection will be coming soon and will have a distinct theme: impeccable large aquariums with very cool ancient props.

The 4K Summer Relaxation Videos Collection:

The Summer Collection is exactly what you would expect: high quality footage from beautiful summery locations. All 10 videos in this download bundle have summertime feels to them. They are all filmed and encoded in 4K Ultra HD resolution, making them ideal for playing on your UHD SMART TV.

They make a great backdrop for summertime gatherings like BBQs. Romantic summer nights in with one of the sunsets. Alternatively you can have one on just to make you feel that lift which comes when the sun is shining. The collection includes lifetime access to all 10 videos. They are each 20 minutes long and generally loop very seamlessly- you can barely notice with scenery videos as the subjects are often fairly static.

A New Video Codec H.265

Each video is encoded in our new format for all 4K videos: HEVC H.265. This new codec is still delivered as an MP4 video, but the modern compression algorithm allows us to make far smaller file sizes. We have changed the download links for all our 4K videos. If you have past purchases in 4K (from before May 2016), you can click on the My Account link at the top to get access to all past 4K purchases in the new and improved codec.

H.265 allows us to provide files sizes nearly 1/3 smaller than the previously used H.264 codec. The only issue is that older devices may not support H.265. If this is the case just drop us a line to info@uscenes.com and we will send you download links to the old versions of your videos. The new versions are around 1.2 GB in size, the olders ones around 3.5 GB.

5.1 Surround Sound for all 4K Relaxation Videos

As well as re-encoding all our 4K collection in H.265, we have also added 5.1 surround sound. This makes for much more immersive viewing experiences. For example I was watching Jellyfish Aquarium last night at a friend’s house. His amazing surround sound system made it feel like I really was deep under the ocean. All past and future 4K videos will feature 5.1 surround sound.


Stay tuned for more relaxation video bundles very soon… 


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