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We at Uscenes wanted to set up a site that gives the user a great selection of aquarium screensaver downloads for everyone to enjoy. There are so many fake aquariums on the net and it seems that they dominate the search aquarium screensaver downloads in HD

Along with being completely unreal, they also have often come with a proviso that you have to install some kind of toolbar with ad ware in order to download them. I always get nervous when seeing these type of downloads as I have had my computer infected by them before.

The novelty of these animated fish tanks soon wears off too as there is simply no substitute for real life fish and corals on your screen.

Finding the Best Aquarium Screensavers

I scoured the internet trying to find a decent real aquarium screensaver but never found any that looked good and the quality was always poor when i tried getting them on to my HD TV.

The ones that I did manage to find were also far too short and ended up looping after a minute or so which ruined the realism of the tank. I thought a lot about the idea of setting up a site that provided people with full length aquarium videos recorded in high quality and it wasn’t until I met Michael that the idea seemed plausible.

Quality Aquarium Screensavers Videographer

Michael Lloyd was a great videographer who had done some really nice productions for TV and many corporate videos. He loved the idea and said he was always travelling around places with his camera where he could capture some great aquariums.

I already had some experience with selling fireplace videos online and had a few successful websites that worked well. I then started thinking why not make a site that does it all? Real scenery, cosy fireplaces and beautiful aquarium screensavers that people could enjoy on any screen they wanted.

Michael came and saw me after a trip to Dubai and said “here, I have something to show you” I plugged in the USB stick into my HD TV and played the video. “Wow!” I said “that looks stunning!” and it was that moment that really made me think this could work.

Making a website for great fish tank screensaver downloads 

I spent the rest of the week building the new site and even though we launched with just a few screensavers on the site, the sales started to pick up rapidly. What pleased me the most wasn’t the money rolling in, but the fact that so many people were downloading these aquarium screensavers and enjoying them on their TV’s. The feedback was awesome and It inspired me and Michael to keep working on this.

Pretty soon Michael had filmed some beautiful scenery videos and lovely fireplace screensavers too. I was busy working on the site night and day and between the both of us we managed to build something that we were both very proud of.

I am really happy that I now have the best aquarium screensavers on the internet on all the TV’s in my house and proud that I am part of the team that creates and sells them. It has taught me that if you cant find what your looking for then there’s a good chance other people cant too. A perfect situation for a new product and that exactly why I feel Uscenes is doing so well!

photo of an aquarium screensaver on Mac
Aquarium Sscreensaver
fish tank on laptop screen

Offering Reasonably Priced Aquarium Screensavers For All

Our goal is to let people enjoy real HD screensavers and not have to settle for animated gimmicks or fake aquariums. As small as this idea may sound, It is proving to be massive!

We have recently had over 100 people download our products in a single day! and this makes me happy that we a filling a real niche and allowing so many people to enhance and enjoy their homes in a new and beautiful way. We will continue building our site with more and more video screensavers, focusing on real and beautiful scenes.

We thank everyone who has downloaded our products and who help us continue recording amazing scenes for the world to enjoy!
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