How Relaxation Videos Can Help with Stress

4K relaxation videos

Last Updated on October 11, 2017 by James Sutton

In today’s go, go, go world everyone at one time or another has felt the weight that stress puts on our shoulders. Effectively combating stress requires a practised approach – one where we need to activate our body’s natural relaxation response.

Many people swear by yoga, practice deep breathing meditation or rhythmic exercise as an effective means of quashing the weight of stress when it engulfs us. Others believe that heading to the gym allows them to mentally recuperate, clearing the mind and body of tension. But did you know that stress relief videos are one of the most effective ways to transform a stress-filled headspace and transport you to a place of peace and calm?


The Power of a Relaxation Response

When stress overwhelms your nervous system, your whole body is flooded with chemicals which in-turn prompt action. The ‘fight or flight’ response is how individuals respond to this sudden influx of emotion.

No one is immune from the effects of stress, but learning how to control how you feel in these times will produce natural stress relief, and allow you to face the moment with confidence. This relaxation response promotes a state of deep rest – which is the opposite of a stress response, putting the brakes on stress and bringing your mind and body back to a state of equilibrium.


The Power of a Relaxing Video

We all use visualisations to understand and make sense of our emotions. Think of the old saying, ‘standing on the precipice of…’ this is a metaphorical way to describe standing over a very steep incline and is a visualisation to describe uncertainty.

However, one of the single most potent stress remedies are ones that transport you to a different world, a place where the shackles of stress and strain are broken. The effectiveness of stress videos should never be underestimated.


The Highest Resolution for the Most Effective Stress Relief

Video quality contributes substantially to a fully immersive experience. If you can’t imagine yourself on a picturesque beach or sitting by a scenic waterfall because the image is too grainy, then how can it such videos lift your stress?

The most effective visual stress relief is found in immersive video content. When complimented with the gentle sound of the waves reaching the shores or the patter of a waterfall as the water fills the lake below, your stress will melt away.

The next time you feel yourself tormented, restless whilst your heart thumps repeatedly against your chest, try watching a stress relief video. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the calming effects it’s sure to provide.

With a range of downloading options and a library of 4K Ultra HD and full HD videos, each of which features 5.1 Surround Sound, we can help you replace stress with calm.

Our relaxation videos are fully compatible across all your devices. Turn your office computer into an aquarium and submerge yourself into the warm, relaxing embrace of water. Re-focus and re-energise yourself in a matter of moments, and that looming deadline or list of things to do won’t feel so unattainable!

Instead of sitting down in front of the TV after a hard day’s graft, flipping channels between the news or latest fiascos of reality TV, click on a 4K or HD video of an elegant marina bay night scene. After a few minutes, you’ll put the day’s events firmly behind you and enjoy an evening of quiet and calm.

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