Sleep Aid Videos for People with Insomnia

Sleep Aid Videos

We’ve all experienced nights spent tossing and turning, waiting for sleep to come only to be left frustrated as drifting into slumber stubbornly eludes us.

Luckily we have made one of the best videos to help you sleep.

Our sleep aid videos can be found throughout this website. We make serene videos of calming locations around the world. Beautiful countryside scenes, waterfalls, streams, rivers, aquariums and fireplace videos.

We have also created a free video which is extremely popular on YouTube. The Insomnia Key is a custom made sleep aid video. We blended some of our scenes together and lowered the brightness. We slowly fade between them and there is a binaural audio track which will help you feel sleepy. The Insomnia Key works in 10 minutes on average.

It’s estimated that as many as 30-40% of people report experiencing insomnia every year, a condition that wreaks havoc on their psychological and physical well-being. In short, we all need sleep, without it we are a shadow of ourselves.

One of the Best Sleep Aid Videos Freely Available on YouTube:

The Causes of Insomnia

There is a wealth of physical and psychological factors that contribute to insomnia. Chronic physical pain and an overactive mind are often cited as two of primary causes of insomnia.

Another acknowledged cause of insomnia are drugs such as caffeine and nicotine. Both are stimulants and designed to keep you awake – which isn’t overly helpful come bedtime. However, environmental factors also affect sleep patterns. Feeling bathed in peace and tranquillity will encourage sleep.

The Effects of Insomnia and problems with lack of sleep

It goes without saying that persistent insomnia can damage both long and short-term health. Medical professionals agree that there’s a direct correlation between insomnia and a wealth of health concerns.

Insomniacs have reported increased levels of anxiety and depression. Every sleep cycle is the body’s natural restorative process. Memories are collated and organised when we sleep and physical ailments cured. Without sleep, our body and mind cannot heal itself – and this can lead to persistent problems, including anxiety and depression.

4K Ultra HD Sleep Aid Videos

One of the most effective ways to encourage relaxation and tempt sleep is to surround yourself with videos that encourage peace and calm. Insomnia videos have proven especially effective to help people drift off into slumber soundly every night.

4K Ultra HD videos of gorgeous scenery, aquariums or fireplaces will relax you by transporting you to a place where you can completely leave the pressures of the day or any enduring stresses behind.

The vivid details of 4K Ultra HD videos offer an idyllic environment beyond what you can imagine and are the most effective way to immerse yourself in a place that not even the most detailed imagination can conjure.

Perfect for SMART UHD TV’s, a quiet night in front of the television not watching the news, football game or film, but absorbed in serenity and stillness, 4K Ultra HD videos can really help anyone suffering a lack of sleep night after night.

Insomnia Screensavers

Browse our videos by clicking here to see which one would help you fall asleep. They all have relaxing sounds, especially the 4K ones. Plus the camera never moves. You simply get a beautiful static scene or aquarium.

We’re all guilty of working into the late hours of the night, frantically trying to meet that deadline, or just preparing for the following day. This is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be the reason for insomnia.

By taking a few moments, or a moment as often as you can to watch 4K Ultra HD insomnia video of vivid landscapes, scenic beauty or warming fireplaces not only can you re-focus your mind but these brief moments will encourage sleep later in the evening.

Whether you’re working from home or still at the office as dusk settles, a sleep aid video can bring you peace, just at the time when you really need it and help you to fall effortlessly into much-needed slumber when you finally turn in for the night.

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