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4K Beach Scenes with 5.1 Surround Sound to Loop on TV

Having just been asked which of our beach video screensavers are suitable to use on an Ultra HD TV with 5.1 surround sound. I thought this would be the ideal time to blog about it. The below videos can be downloaded in 4K Ultra HD resolution with relaxing 5.1 surround sound audio tracks.

They are also available in HD and as computer screensavers. You can either add the file from your computer to a USB memory stick, or use a media center software like Kodi to stream from your computer and have them loop as long as you wish. Perfect for when you need some sunshine in your life, or want a little paradise island escapism.

4K Beach Scenes and Beach Screensavers

Click on the products to see the videos. The camera stays still to give you the feeling of actually being on a beach relaxing and sunbathing.

Idyllic Beach

Can't get away for a dream holiday? If so use this relaxing beach video to transport you to a paradise island. The 4K video features a white sand beach and turquoise waters on a tropical island.

Paradise Waters

Paradise Waters is a 4K beach video best enjoyed on a big screen UHD SMART TV. This relaxation video was filmed in Ultra HD resolution. You can choose to download an MP4 video or Windows screensaver or Mac screensaver. We also offer it in Full HD resolution.

Resort Beach

Beach scene wallpaper for your 4K TV or any other screen in your home. Let the relaxing sounds of the ocean compliment this theraputic moving wallpaper to giving you that holiday feeling.

Tropical Vista

Tropical Vista is an Ultra HD beach scene filmed in a tropical paradise. We have added a relaxing 5.1 surround sound audio track, to help you feel calm and relaxed. Choose from a variety of download options below.


Please keep checking back in future for more Ultra HD beach scenes filmed in the tropics. The above videos were filmed in Mauritius and the Philippines.

Each 4K UHD video is in the MP4 format and uses the latest H.265 HEVC compression for reasonable file sizes. Usually between 1 to 1.5 GB, which means you can download them quickly and they are easily streamed on your home’s WiFi network. Plus you can fit more of them onto USB flash drives and hard drives.

Below are some more videos beach lovers may like including some romantic ocean sunsets:

Cliff Sea View 4K

A beautiful Ultra HD 4K ocean video with an amazing view of cliffs in The Algarve, Portugal. Available as a 20 minute MP4 video to loop as TV wallpaper, plus there is a Full HD version for standard TV screens. Both options come with relaxing 5.1 surround sound. There are also shorter computer screensaver versions. See a quick clip to the left, the full video below and choose your download option below too.

Night Beach

Romance is in the air tonight at this relaxing dusk beach scene. Filmed in 4K and available for download in a variety of formats below…

Purple Sunset

Enjoy this Ultra HD 4K Purple Sunset on your big UHD TV screen, as a calming background video. The attractive shades of violet make this unique sunset ideal for setting a certain atmosphere. It is also available in Full HD and as computer screensavers. Choose your version below.

Sunset Boats

This 4K sunset beach video is ideal to make a romantic evening extra special. Choose from a variety of formats below for any screen in your home and get instant download access:


If you would like a collection of beach scenes in 4K we recommend the Mega Deal for the best value. It also includes our older beach videos in Full HD, plus all our amazing aquariums and fireplaces. If you wish to try before you buy visit our samples page by clicking here to test the videos on your TV.


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